Alley in the Park

It is hard for me to stay out of the summer theme. Must be in the air, these days. It is sad that recently I have been hearing troublesome news from outside my country. In my country, we are constantly in trouble these days, and that is so awful that I am trying to avoid discussing it. Yet, what I have in mind are the court and legal proceedings news coming from the US and the travel accidents around the world, the latest one being the train accident in France, just a day before their National Holiday. And that is a national holiday which I think marks a pivotal point in the history of modern humankind. I mean, the beginning of the French Revolution put a start to new/modern life, society, values. As bloody and aweful as it must have been. On a personal note, I’m glad I don’t need to live in that kind of times, I truly am.

Thinking of all that, I am still going on with this July-poetry-thing that I planned and honestly, I’m glad to see that some of my friends take interest in this ‘challenge’ and I even read a poem written to one of my own prompts, and I loved it!

park-alley-jom14We are continuing on our July, Oh my! challenge with a prompt for the 14th day of the month: An Alley in the Park. Should I just toss in that it’s a haiku – it seems a long-way return to my favourite form.

Alley in the park
Hosts all seasons’ smells and tints.
Urban nature’s nook.

© 2013, soulmary

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader