A Set of Minimum Poems – Day 6

AI generated Minimum with Poetry and Umbrella

A Minimum Shadorma

Looking at
the summer that’s here
Alive with
the sounds and aroma of
happiness fulfilled,

is the minimum effort
I am able of

M indlessly
I ntending to ruin the
N everending bond between
M e and my
U mbrella, I spend
M any minutes thinking how I can

P ossibly do so.
O pening, or closing it? Or
E ntirely forgetting it in
M y happy closet.

M any a time
I rreverently ignoring the
N iceties politeness
I nduces upon me,
M y smile turns to a smirk
U ntying the bond between
M umbo and jumbo.

©2024, soulmary

Yes, we know yesterday was the 6th day of April, but I am posting today because of schedule. So, the prompts were ‘write a Minimum poem‘ by Poetic Asides, and ‘write a “weird wisdom” poem’ from the NaPoWriMo site. I couldn’t think of any weird wisdom I had been taught as a child, so I gave in to that. However, I penned three instead of one minimum pieces, and the final one, which I post in the leading position here, is in my old favourite form of Shadorma, while the other two are Acrostics – another favourite. Enjoy!

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader