Word of the Year 2017

Complicit 417 Poetic Asides

After a long period of silence, it is time for the Wednesday prompt once again! Here is what I wrote this week:

While whiling away the dullest of days
I stopped to consider why I never stop.

The clouds above hid behind curtains of rain,
the ceilings committed numerous crimes:
the sun was all blocked
and stifled – the air,
a sickening yellow was all I could see.

So, that’s how the soul goes –
no drama or loudness,
but simply complicit
to its own self loss.

?©soulmary 09 Dec 2017

My poem was written on a prompt by Poetic Asides, a Writers Digest editor blog. Wednesday Prompt #417

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

2 thoughts on “Word of the Year 2017”

  1. I feel that loss as a downward spiral, complicit maybe, unless it’s just the laws of gravity.

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