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If you have no one to talk to, poem. When you see no one is listening to you, write. Well, that seems like a good choice for today.
Wordsmith Studio, Creative Prompt – Tired

So tired of being hassled around,
so sick of the vagueness I swim through,
I am.

Yet, I cannot detach from everyday
and everyday won’t get off me,
won’t get me unhooked
from the tearsome and tearful
everyday somethingness
that I cannot define
or shape within that frame
that shifts in shape
and location
and intensity
or depth
and strangles me
or suffocates me
or simply makes me
all the more

©2014, mariya koleva

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Spring is almost here. Green is about to burst. The Wordsmith Studio Friday Poetry Prompt is Green. The Poetic Bloomings Prompt #99 is Green. Hm, Poetic Bloomings is about to have its Centennial Prompt next week 🙂 



Green has millions of colours

Millions of eyes to see it

Innocence, naivete or simply freshness

In the mountains of summer


© 2013 Mariya Koleva