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Meandering Water, wordle

Sunday Whirl #173

Image by: the prompt site

Image by: the prompt site

The water runs
similar to a lane in a park
bending this way or the other.

The path meanders,
rarely straight, but mostly
going east.

Some parts
catch the light and sound
of the forest nearby,
limiting the cases where
guilty water will
consume the evil grain of nurture.

© 2014, MK

Written after a nice wordle prompt at the Sunday Whirl.

Washing Age Away

Today, I took a rapid look at my WordPress stream and chose a wordle prompt. Below are the process notes. Here is the ‘Washing’ wordle poem:

Image taken from We Write Poems blog

Image taken from We Write Poems blog

Washing my hands of the flowing tea,
I saw the defects age has brought over them;
Swollen ring-fingers and sandstoned palms
ripe with fear, logic and applause.

The flaked mirage lacks clarity and my heart fell,
suddenly muddled by the silly scent teabags raise when wet –
not spirit-filled, but casually transplanted in the natural self
of the sink drain.

Today, that story is a mere waste –
far from the library dreams, just as blinds cover
the dusk inside.

©2014, Mariya Koleva

The poem was written to We write Poems #9 wordle blockbuster prompt. Here is the word pool:
washing blinds swollen defective omen ring shell waste steering fruit riddled spirit-filled suddenly fear logic sandstone silly Sewanee mirage flaked scent rings notch inside muddled applause sodden touts natural self transplant story ham library dreams casually scams heart dusk clarity today turtle age sustains woolen palms please ripe flowing tea


The Fierce Train South

sundaywhirl123Sunday Whirl #123

The fierce train south
swept us in disgust
We never knew
what was to happen next.

The bitter springs
will do for nothing:
just cluttered filters
never managing to keep
those pieces out.

Enough with cries
to be let out,
Just as we were
in the middle of our romance.

© 2013, soul mary

Loudly In Sotto-Voce

Poetic Bloomings #98

Mean What You Say… sort of – The very fun prompt suggested by Walt comprises a list of words whose antonyms we are supposed to use to make our poems.

### Here are the original suggestions and then, my chosen antonyms ###

impair – sanction; 
timidity – boldness;
chaste – corrupted;
sober – naive;
power – weakness;
loudly – sotto-voce;
angel – demon;
transparent – obscure;
skulduggery – purity;
problem – strength


Springtime boldness of desire, sanctioning our weakness,

Corrupted, though naive, just whispering

In sotto-voce, like a demon struggling

To obscure our judgment, our better wisdom

And fighting back the purity of frost

The silent strength of winter in our souls,

Is here.


© 2013 soul mary

Friends with Words, Evasive Wordle

After a long, longish absence, I am happy to be back on the Poetic Bloomings site and on one of their prompts. This is a great and curious prompt. You know how a wordle works, right? Well, this, as I called it “Evasive Wordle” works almost the same way. Only, you have to replace the original words with synonyms or descriptions. Or, were descriptions allowed? Hm, not sure, but anyway, I used some.

Here is the wordpool:  challenge, common, mask, skill, origin, love, night, drink, beauty, death

Enjoy my Evasive Wordle, entitled

Gorgeous Sight on the Dance Stage 

The gorgeous sight on the dance stage

before my eyes

is a harsh ordeal

beyond my ability, yet

I have to overcome it

while wearing the dull disguise

of one seeking escape of life –

its boredom and affection.


My ability abandons me

from dusk till dawn.

I have to sit and sip in lonely gulps

what someone brings me,

of nature unknown,

just to see my leering mirror reflection

and remember the gorgeous sight on the dance stage.


© 2013, Mariya Koleva


Here is Wordle #74 at the Sunday Whirl site, offerred by Walt:



The artist sauntered off,
His rich and sensuous lyric
into my soul,
regretting the color missing inside –
a silhouette of a soul. 

I could still see him
in the exterior before the
lilting alliterations,
with which I tried to cheat
my colors back into existence 

While he marched off –
a silhouette of a man. 

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Cows Moo Their Grace

Sunday Whirl #73

Along the rugged path trudge warriors.
Some cows moo their grace and blessing. 

Remote and fierce,
the marble faces
give away no remorse or suffering. 

Solely silence walks their way
And, shaken to its heart,
it works its splendor
by words not whispered
in their souls. 

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Miracles along the road

It’s almost the end of May. After several submissions, it’s time to sit down and write poetry again. Today’s piece comes as a take upon two very nice prompts:

Carry On Tuesday – That long and winding road

Sunday Whirl #58

That long and winding road I take
to see its wonders
back again

Along it, all perspective blurs

Chalk-covered alleys
Drenched with thirst
Rough blizzard scrapes
Them bare
Like a cat’s tongue
Scraping unaware.

I see the burnished flinty rock
Austere and abandoned to collapse
Alone along the long
And winding road.

I see cocoon –
Not brittle, brave
With life within
Not hesitant to scrape those barnacles
That stick to it
And suck its glory.

That long and winding road
I take
to see the rise and fall
of the awake.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

alive wordle, Day 15

NaPoWriMo, Day 15

1. Poetic Asidesslash, button, mask, strap, and balloon

Walking the streets of the Ances
I can smell the early city,
The steaming heat of the markets,
And wonder what happened to
The early people coming to the place. 

Did they have to strap the masks of gods
so all the natives worshipped them?
Or did they slash the inside of a goat
to produce that same effect? 

Were they capable of escaping
The loving ardour of their fans?
I find their crashed balloon
In the jungle just outside the city. 

Running along the streets of the Ances
I’m happy to know I’ve a button
Just push it –
It magically sends me
Away and beyond
Lunacy’s fences.

2. Haiku Heights – Alive 

Alive comes nature

All despite the human race

Not ours to ruin

Theatrical Wordle

Sunday Whirl comes with Wordle #48 – A Baker’s Dozen

Let’s carry on singing!
And limit the drama
and the gestures of the hand.
The theatre hallways
are always
crowded with
inherent admiration;
and with previous delivery
that follows
the sources of your
theatrical drives.

Reach out for
dramatic crescendo.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva