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Tell Us What You Wish

pavement at the opera house

Tell Us What You Wish to See Here

Bring out the dreams

Tell us what you wish to see here
Sing it out,
or yell it.
Better out than in, they say.
Although they often speak
without thinking.

They often come across you wishes
And ignore them

They are embarrassed by you.
By your plain looks,
by the lack of special shine
in your hair,
or your eyes.

That’s why they ignore you
Until you start ignoring them
At which point they get annoyed
And start paying attention
in order to hurt you.

© 2016, MK

Process Notes: We often say in our office texts things like “We want to be useful to our readers, so tell us what you wish to read or see here”. That was how this came to be.

Not willing to know, Day 19


I know so much I hadn’t wished for

I know so much that I don’t need.

Does the sea complain

its water is more than it wishes for?

Do the mountains complain

they have rocks they don’t need?

I lie on the edge of the sea

I lie in the foot of the mountain

And I wish to be able to see.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva