Nature vs Culture (Monday Mindfulness Revisited)

In the light of the recent events in Japan, I need to go mindful again and reflect on the troublesome nature of … well, Nature.

Today, I composed two short poems, here and here, both focusing on the disaster that hit Japan. I rarely do that, because my inspiration is too random (Even the poems about Chernobil, (here in English and here in Bulgarian) were written so much later and without any obvious occasion). Yet, this time, prompts by a couple of poetic websites/blogs served well and although I had originally intended to direct my poetic pieces elsewhere (it was before Friday, while I was speculating my poetic options for the coming weekend), they just happened to fit perfectly.

Again, I see, that no matter how great we may become, or how trifle, Nature will make us equal, by making things even in this case. So many grand and petty troubles were caused and solved by Friday’s quake, that they all faded into the common tragedy. In a grim and gripping single event thousands of fates obtained alternative twists. Possibilities are still to be considered. Now, it’s only tragedy, loss of souls, and silent tears!

In silent awe I wish the best possible to all! When you come to think of it, Mondays always mind the past two days, don’t they!