Flickering Lights

Almost at the end of the month, I am considering how time-consuming poeming, blog posting, and finally, sharing all that is. In the same time, I could write a whole story, be it short or long. Now I remember that I started a novella on February 8th and never reached beyond the 3,000-word introduction. I planned to get to the real thing one day soon, but soon passed and it is March now. I can’t see the time to write that, yet. Maybe that is my trouble and the main reason I stay with poetry chiefly: lack of time to write consistently. Poetry is much more fragmentary, you don’t need to remember where you left… There is much less responsibility involved in it. Let’s celebrate the last but one prompt of the 28 to Create project that brought me much joy this year.

28 to Create, Day 27 – Flickering Lights

Image: Winged Vampire Wolf at DeviantArt
Image: Winged Vampire Wolf at DeviantArt

Flickering lights from the swamps
where prisoners try to escape
their destinies.

Marshes are ripe with
firebugs hurrying
to and fro.

Instant pictures of
self-inflicted soul insomnias;
instant tea
filling mud mugs
with sugary heartbeats and
strained tomorrows

Flickering lights behind
our dead

©2014, soulmary

Featured image by: SuicideBySafetyPin at DA