Buy Now!

What you see is what you won’t receive
before you’ve paid in full
in cash, in kind, in everything
you hold so dearly.

Why buy then? Why now?
What’s the urge to give and take
seeing the fragile promise of an item
that will be pleasing?

Buy now! For it lasts so short
that in a blink it’s gone forever.
Forever versus Now
Come now, forever!
Join us in this mega store where
happiness is on the shelf
along with soda, cheese and chewing gum.

© 2024, soulmary

The original prompt can be found on this fantastic site. Check out some more art works in the comments, plus other great art prompts!


To cleanse my world
Of drab remaining particles
Lingering behind their purpose

To help with chores
Hardly chosen in the haste
Of mornings or routines
And put weak excuses back to sleep.

To illuminate the woods
Sighing with the wind below
The peaks that overlook
Our beautiful inertia of a life.

(c) soulmary, 2024

They swore all will be quiet, then this

‘We could all be friends,’ said the hippo humbly.
‘Live peaceful, side by side and enjoy the day in, day out
Of serenity in mud waters, dry lands and fierce skies.’

The little birds picking at his hide,
Those cleaning the teeth of the crocodile,
The woodpecker keeping the forest from worms,
And the worms nurturing the ground in
The never-ending cycle of life.

We could.
Yet, do we?
Or do we awkwardly slip in the mud,
Slap one another’s faces,
And, sadly, end back in the slop?
(c) soulmary, 2023

I wrote this poem in answer of three different prompts, all of them coming from great poetry blogs and forums. One asked we gave our poem a click bait title – you can check it out on the Write Better Poetry web site. The Three-things challenge #352 offered a good combination of words to play with. And a blog where I do a prompt for the first time – the RagTag daily prompt of yesterday where the topic to be creative with is Symbiotic.