“Expecto Patronum”, or


the Impossibility of the Impossible

We Write Poems gave this as a prompt for this week:

Guardian Angel

I wish I could stand up,

reach out with my wand

and say proudly: “Expecto Patronum!”

I wish HE would appear

in the form of bright light

to guard off whatever I fear.

Well, I COULD do it.

But that’s all, I’m afraid

No one WILL ever appear

For no guardian angels abide

in my dark cave of despair.

Isolation, as prompted by Robert at Poetic Asides

A little bit late, yet here it is – a poem of Isolation, as prompted by Robert at Poetic Asides at the regular Wednesday prompt this week:


And, then, again,

In perfect isolation

I go from guessing to believing

That faking is not killing.

What really happened, Nov PAD 28

a “what really happened” poem


Stealing him

Away from me was

Your best act

Of charity

For which I am forever

Thankful and so free.


Agreement, Nov PAD 8

an agreement poem


When I’m about to wake up, my fluffy kitten comes

Hops on my bed, turns on her purring;

Coils at my feet, then quickly moves,

And coils in opposite direction.

She comes before my waking

To secretly caress me,

For fear not to spoil me.


Beyond the roaring realms of sanity

A lesser god will rise to meet his fate

And trade conveniently with humanity

Most valued goods of flesh for pearls of faith.