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Full Moon

Today is the second day of the month of November, famous for its sugar and caffeine flavour. Taking part in the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook challenge I still am and here is today’s prompt: Full Moon. It has been suggested by Khara House, who is an amazing poet, so click on her name and see more. Here is my poem. Yet another “moon” poem. But, honestly, this one took a different turn.

Image credit: Wikipedia

Full Moon—

as in complete, accomplished,

and perfectly shaped

to raise our dreams or apprehensions,

to feed our mystic cravings, and to

whisper in our darkened nooks

of weirdness unseen, unwaited for, and

un-desired – uneasiness awakened.

For, after all, we are just beings

bathed in profuse light,

clinging to the hope that

light will not desert us

to that full moon’s full-flavoured grip.

© soulmary


Tackle It Tuesday, Time


Ticking and wasting

Time waits for its running end

Until we wake up

© Mariya Koleva, 2012


September Heights #14 – Revelation


Amidst the dense fog

Burns a flower with no name

Another day lives.


A kitten curls up

Looks around to see the world

Same as I see it.

 © 2012 soulmary


September Heights #12 – Rain and Tackle it Tuesday – kigo

Abandoned fields where
Only winds and thorns will ride
Host the silent rain

Grey sky frowns eyebrows
High wind empties the sidewalks
Rage against the sun

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Money and Revolution

Originally, I put this together for Andrea and Ina’s poetry contest entitled: Money. I thought it was too cynical, so I cancelled my participation. Then, I linked it to the Sunday Scribblings prompt of Revolution 🙂 cynical as it is.


That freedom is a matter of choice
would be a long-chewed-over lie
that all religions use
to dull our edge
and lull our spirit
away from revolution. 

That revolution is a fight for freedom
is simply an illusion,
that leaders use
to lead the poor to believe
there will be 


equality and freedom 

for all.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Opposite poem, Day 23

I turn again to T.S. Eliot for my “fan” poetry

NaPoWriMo.net – opposite poem

T.S.Eliot – Waste Land, What the Thunder Said

Before the cold luster of their masks
Before the hot clamour outside the house
Before the ecstasy of lurid lakes
The silence and the smiles
Open spaces, dungeons and stillness
of the hush of autumn below the nearby sea
Those that were dead are still living
You who were dying are yet living
Without any haste

There is no air there, but only sand
Sand and no air, and the rocky block
The block directly crossing the sea
Which is a sea of sand without air
If here is air, you could go on and spit
Within the sand, you cannot go on and spit
Stone is moist and head is in the clouds
If only air was around the sand
Living sea end of shiny nails which can but drink
There you can only sit, or run or stand
Here is only clamour in the sea
And moist fruitful hush with draught
Here are only crowds in the sea
And white happy feet tiptoe and run
To windows of state-of-the-art palaces
                                   We don’t wish for air
But for sand
We wish for sand
But no air
No air
A breeze
A gust over the sand
We wish not the silence of the air alone
Only the worm
Not the moist gravel grunting
Not the silence of air inside sand
Not like the place the eagle sleeps over the rocky peaks
Snore sneer snore sneer sneer sneer sneer
And all around is air.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Eager to live, NaPoWriMo Day 1

NaPoWriMo, Day 1

This April, I start off poeming to three prompt sites. Today’s prompts are: Haiku Heights – Eager/NaPoWriMo – Carpe Diem/Poetic Asides – Communication


Eager to see if

Life always finds a way to

Get across to you.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Transition – OSI

OSI#213 Transition – Alouette

Transition best fits
Those willing to quit
Who move away from the dark.
It suddenly starts
As they fall apart
Blazing with beautiful spark. 

Transition itself
Stays hardly on shelf
It often makes for the stars.
Those people remain
In fire and pain
Yet never live behind bars.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Shadows Dancing, Poetic Blooms

Poetic Blooms #48 – What’s in the Shadows?

Shadowy reflections of once-crazy dancers –
That’s what we are
As we pass by each other
Neither seeing, nor remembering
Our true selves reflected in the window –
More true than
The hollow shapes
Dissocializing and

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Image from Poetic Blooms

Bedtime tales, WWP

WWP #99 – Bedtime tales

Sleep, my sweetness

wrapped in cleanness

taken to the dreamy city

where light

will never fade.


Sleep, my loved one

curled in softness

flying to the forest castle

where fight

was never lost.


Sleep, my beauty

cuddling Bunny

dreaming those enchanted

honey dreams

that will last forever


or at least until

the morning chill.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Image courtesy: FeaturePics.com