A Teardrop – Day 9.1 of April PAD

        drops down unconscious
sleeps and waits till the soul is soothed
Till the mind is calm and cooled down
Till the eyes are dry, the brow is clear
      Watery in touch and crystal
                 bitter in taste.

©2020, forestlove

This is a concrete poem prompted by NaPoWriMo.net. This type of poem is supposed to be shaped as its own main topic. So, if you write about love, you try to shape your content in the form of a heart. I’m sure it could be done much better than what you see above, but I don’t always write with the view of making fine pieces of art. I often do it for fun. Love. Smiles. More love.

What Else Could She Do?

April Poetry Month #07, I take a rest from haiku today  😉


1. Poetic Asides – Sevenling
2. NaPoWriMo.net – all lines but the last: declarative sentences, last line: a question

For one thing, she had a car.
She needed a house.
She wanted a child.

Actually, she found a hotel.
She moved in to new life.
She didn’t lose her dreams and her story.

What else could she do?

© 2013, Mariya Koleva

The New Year’s Journey is beginning

Haiku Heights, Jan 1 – most inspiring prompt for the New Beginning: TRAVEL


Journey beginning
The suns smiles gently outside
Numb with cold. Thrilling. 

© 2012 Mariya Koleva