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Tri-Coupled Sestet, after Poetic Bloomings

Hello, here is Marie and Walt’s form-prompt in Poetic Bloomings: Tri-Coupled Sestet. You can read the rules as per Mike Grove (special feature for the form) extensively on their site.

I myself may simply add that the form is very difficult for me (as are all forms, in fact) and it will go very well with music. My poem is pure trash, but it observes the rules 😀 Anyway, enjoy!


Believe you me, I’m not afraid
I simply need to get well-paid
In trance expecting chance will fly away from me.
It’s really sad to trust in numbers
But not so bad to live in glamour
While life runs by and gives no reason to believe.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Turn around, PA Wed 126

Poetic Asides Wednesday prompt is “turn around”. Oh, and it’s a shadorma… (I hope).


Turn around

Discover grandeur

Back in town.

The glamour of it

Filling the pretentious sway

Turns around.


© 2011 Mariya Koleva

Спокойствие и мраз, хайку

От дълго време се каня да пиша и на български език. Наскоро реших, че е добре наистина да го направя, макар че няма кой да го чете. Хайку, според указанията на Ади, които са тук. Ето го и него:

Спокойствие и мраз

Денят е мъртъв,

в ядрото му нощта е.

Същински мраз.


© 2011 Мария Колева

Liquidators, sevenling

The plan was to write a sevenling, which is a seven-line poem structured in tercets and containing the element of three. Yet, the three-line nature of tercet and the three-someness induced me to make it contain three tercets, so it went out of form. For the Poetic form challenge I edited it, leaving out the second tercet. Here, however, I publish it in its entirety.

The liquidators at Chernobyl,

reservists, workers, coal-miners –

some eight hundred thousand lives

Wasted – some died on site,

some died within a month

and others lingered on, oh – so on,

Went there for their children

who could live on, and play, and mourn

without them even

While we just profited by it.

(а ние просто се възползвахме) where you will read the Bulgarian poem, which is not a sevenling.

Pantoum – 5 stanzas, thanks to micro poetry on FB and Walt

Walt Wojtanik, a poet submitting to the Poetic Asides forum and the founder of the micro poetry group in Facebook, recently put up this prompt:

A pantoum is a poetic form written as quatrains (4-line stanzas) with an abab rhyme scheme and repeat lines 2 and 4 in the previous stanza as lines 1 and 3 in the next stanza. Lines 1 and 3 in the first stanza become lines 2 and 4 in your last stanza (The order is up yo you) Keep the sixteen line limit for a nice four stanza pantoum.

Since I wrote it in Bulgarian, here it is. I will consider re-writing or translation in English later. As usual, it turned out bloodier and gorier than expected. Well, it came out as a 5-stanza one, too. Yet, another deviation. I am definitely planning to share it with my friends in the micro poetry group, even though it is not “micro” in any way. Yet, we all do this for the fun and inspiration of poeming and friendship.


Вчера сутрин станах рано

и измих си аз лицето.

Веждата ми бе одрана

имах белег на нослето.

И измих си аз лицето

и погледнах в огледалото –

имах белег на нослето

на чертички беше цялото.

И погледнах в огледалото –

боже, аз ли съм това?

на чертички беше цялото,

стичаше се там кръвта.

Боже, аз ли съм това?

гледах скръбно, ужасено.

Стичаше се там кръвта,

всичко беше тъй червено.

Вчера сутрин станах рано,

с намерение да пиша проза.

Веждата ми бе одрана –

поетична е прогнозата.

Lost and Found, Nov PAD 18

a lost and found poem

There are two today, a triolet and a shadorma:



How the hell did I lose you?

And how am I ever to find you?

It wasn’t that I tried to use you.

How the hell did I lose you?

My endless questions seem to confuse you.

I simply wanted to stay there beside you.

How the hell did I lose you?

And how am I ever to find you?



I found and

Lost again that smile

That warmed me

Like a shawl,

So endlessly unfolded

And so motley dull.