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Warmth amazing, Day 13

Somewhat belated, yet my contributions for Day 13 of the Poetry month, along with its Poem-a-Day challenge are here:

1. Haiku Heights – Warmth 

The wind howls

Like a wolf outside

Hearth warms heart.


2. Poetic Asides – Something  poem 

Something stupid 

You talk of engines
And of piston heads,
The turns they make,
How they rotate
And how all that
Transforms into a drive 


I watch the movement of your lips
And listen to the murmur of you voice
It is a gentle stream that glides and slips
And then all that
Transforms into a dive. 

© Mariya Koleva

Give me that forest….

“Hark ye,” cawed the old hag, “here’s the age-old wisdom of the trees.”

(This is my response to the prompt from Robert at Poetic Asides – write a forest or a tree poem. That was the prompt for Day 10 of the April Poem-A-Day challenge.)

Give me that forest
Abundant with trees
Soft spilling shadow
Are cover for me

Beauty amazing
Glowing in green
Life-loving shades
Of pristine

Off to that forest
I knew as a child
Speaking the wisdom
That times spins around

Into that forest
I seek for my youth
Finding the ghostly
Memory of you.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Doubt, no doubt…

NaPoWriMo, Day 4

1. Haiku Heights – Doubt

A bird in a bush
Blossoms fragrant, warbling spills
No doubt in her heart


No doubt in her heart
But the pure stifling cold of red


Exasperation –
Insanity’s middle name
A bird in a bush.

2. Being Poetry – Uproar 

Two boys and a girl
Their parents –
Friends from teenage
Trying to make up for
Time so long
Trying to cast a bridge

Two boys and a girl –
Clatter, clamour
Crush and break
Toys around
Below and above
You step on them
Silence is forbidden 

Two boys and a girl
Trying to cast a bridge

Parents too tired to mind
Too happy to reproach
Too deaf to hear.

3. Poetic Asides – 100% something

You are 100% awesome!
I’m 100% there for you!
Are those eyes of yours
100% green?
Or I am only
100% taken in?
100% stunning –
that’s how I see you
100% stupefied –
that’s how I get
when I finally see you
for looking at you
blinds me

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Eager to live, NaPoWriMo Day 1

NaPoWriMo, Day 1

This April, I start off poeming to three prompt sites. Today’s prompts are: Haiku Heights – Eager/NaPoWriMo – Carpe Diem/Poetic Asides – Communication


Eager to see if

Life always finds a way to

Get across to you.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Enter October

Enter October (and Robert prompted it on the PA Forum under #152):


When I see October come
I smell family

Early dusk
Weekend baking
The chill and red outside the window
And coffee steaming warmth inside

When I see October come
My childhood hears my Mom
Making endless fuss
Over overspills of milk, or flour blasts
Around the oven

When I see October come
I get festive, high on Muses,
Over-caffed and over-sugared.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Wednesday Poetry Prompt 141 – Poetic Asides, Robert Brewer

Write an “empty” poem

Empty – the opposite of full:
empty of life
is full of dead silence;
empty of meaning
is full of chances to interpret;
empty of people
is full of free seats.

Turn around
to see empty become

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

“What I love about…” – Wednesday Prompt by Robert

It is Wed. again, for the last time before November PAD Challenge, and Robert has one more prompt for us. Here it is.

And here is my poem:

Image credit: Rebecca Barray

What I love about the forest
Is that it is always young,
It will always offer shelter,
Sometimes it will offer danger.

It will always be
               so dark,
               so green,
               so soft,
               so hard …
So everything,
That I won’t tire of its diversity.


Това, което ме пленява във гората,
е тази нейна вечна младост,
това, че винаги ни дава сянка,
понякога дори е страшна.

Тя винаги е
                    тъй тъмна
                    тъй зелена
                    тъй мека
                   тъй корава…
Тя толкова е всякаква,
че не мога да й се наситя.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

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