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Master Start

My brilliance is tender
Your mood is flavoured,
                        highly scented,
With a view to
            generous subversion.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

I dance away …

These days I have been making earnest efforts to get back in track with poetry prompts and to get down to some serious poeming. Sadly, it has not been going so well. Here is my answer to the prompt by 3WW – Backward, Ease, Omission:


A slighting omission
Might take me backward;
Yet, I dance away
At perfect ease with you.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


OSI Accidental

inspired by the prompt, dedicated to the disaster that hit Japan.


Accidental horizons

Collapsing one after the other

Believing in accidental future.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva


Bulgarian-language version

“Случайните случайности случайно се случват.”

С вяра в случайното бъдеще,

случайни хоризонтите


и търсят в бездните


© 2011 Мария Колева

“He pressed her thigh


and Death smiled”

(Jim Morrison)

The Big Tent Poetry Wordle Prompt of 28th Feb. 2011




Waking, I gasped

Your boyish smile defied

My typical tangle of questions

Slipping down my thigh

Paraded flame


Phrases: “Say more,” “There is also the matter of ____” and “He started by _____.”


“There is also the matter of tangle,” he said.

I paraded a gasping smile.

“Say more,” I pressed his thigh,

“For your boyish questions

wake all flame.”

He started by putting on his slippers,

slipping out of the room,

in cold defy of me.

How typical!


Isolation, as prompted by Robert at Poetic Asides

A little bit late, yet here it is – a poem of Isolation, as prompted by Robert at Poetic Asides at the regular Wednesday prompt this week:


And, then, again,

In perfect isolation

I go from guessing to believing

That faking is not killing.

Their Arrogance – poetry prompt

Here is a poem written to yet another prompt by My Word Wizard on Twitter:


Their arrogance

Stopped my breath

I staggered on the edge –

no jumping off today!

I blinked, so not believing –

Their arrongance just saved my life

General Groups Poem

This General Groups Poem was a Wednesday prompt by Robert at Poetic Asides. Curiously, I had forgotten to post it here. So, here it is now.



are useless


they consume

too much

and that


makes them



they are




are cute

on TV only.

Apart from that

I’m delighted

I don’t live




Vikings look cool


you don’t have to smell them, too.


A few words need be said regarding “general groups” and the act of “generalising”, however. I focused the entire basis of my poor and scanty academic career in the past on the struggle against generalising. Later, my life attitude and daily rhetoric has been actively opposed to it, as well. So, writing this light poem, I attempted to view the subject in just that – its funny perspective.

Wednesday Wishes


Past the twisted and tough Tuesday, here we are amidst the new Wednesday. I decided that this week Wednesday will pass under the theme of Wednesday Wishes. So, here they are:

  • My poetic wish is to make a great poem after the Wednesday prompt by Robert at Poetic Asides.
  • My reading wish is to go on reading 30 Pieces of Silver by Carolyn McCray, which I am reviewing.
  • My writing wish is to write one more scene of my novel. I even have ideas as to what it should be.

Well, I certainly have some personal and professional wishes, as well. Yet, let me save some for later 😉 And, last but not least, I hope to be able to get at least three of them fulfilled before this day is over!

And what are YOUR Wednesday wishes for this particularly sunny day, at least in our neck of the woods?

A Burst of Colour

Here is another Twitter prompt by MyWordWizard. I wrote a gogyohka. Here you may read the “rules”. And here is my English version of the poem:


A burst of colour

Amidst the grey variety

A heartbeat stopped

That was the cross-point

A burst of red


Bucket List Poem

We Write Poems shot a peculiar writing prompt – Write a Bucket List poem. Here are the basics. And here is my list:

1. Go bungee jumping! 2. Go scuba diving! 3. Visit India. and 4. Travel ’round the world.

Of course, there are a lot more, yet the purpose is not to outline a detailed wished-for course of one’s life, but rather, to produce a palatable poem around a couple of them. And here is the English version of my

Bucket List Poem

Go bungee jumping!

Feel the air bursting by my ears.

Have my mouth filled with

blasting yells

And my heart throbbing in a craze

of thrilled adrenaline.

Go scuba diving!

Try and breathe from a device

Have my body trapped inside

a nylon cladding.

Have my ears stuffed to deafness.

And my eyes filled with

the unspeakable of underwater.

Visit India!

Imbibe the mystery of ancient teachings

Get bathed in the mysery of modern slums.

Enjoy the abundance of

holiness and



Travel ’round the world!

Have my memo notes

Crowded with trifle pieces of facts.

Have my agenda packed with

a diversity of opposing extremities.

And celebrate the dazzling degrees

of drowsiness, and dread,

of dream and danger

self-fulfilling and fulfilled.