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A River of Stones, January 2019

Years ago, I followed a blog challenge, A River of Stones, where I tried to contemplate and write one small piece each day in January. Although the stream was interrupted and the original blogger discontinued the tradition, over the years, I have seen many of my poetry friends do the same every January. After the very first time, 2012, I have had many fresh new beginnings, with each New Year dawning, but I, too, discontinue very easily.

This year, I will write small stones for as many days as I find them. No promises, no tears lost. Here is the first stone in this 2019 January River:
Без сняг пред портата –
поле от сивота
и сухи съчки.

No snow –
the field is brown and grey.
Just windy.

Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year, all. 2014 was terribly dynamic and dynamically terrible. I don’t believe in happiness and unhappiness anymore. Perhaps, indifference marks the end of glorious age.

Happy New Year

Image by: kezrek

A Party Poem

The party sucked
and I didn’t need a young child’s tears
to know that.

I didn’t care about the windy road
and dancing snow across it
similar to sand
or Aurora Borealis
because you are with me.

Because Joan Jett was singing
full voice and full guitar on our CD.

Because the “friends” we had
abandoned us,
but that was not the smash
that broke the cheesy party.

How can cheese be broken?

Along the windy frozen road
We didn’t even care to see
the frozen beach.

The party is over,
the New Year came
to stay for 365 days
of grace, amazing news and thrilling kisses.

©2015 MK