Briefly of NaNoWriMo 2011

This year, I have been so busy that I have failed even my own blog updates. Only occasionally, I posted info in FB, which is the most hateful channel for doing that. Not even Twitter was honoured. Real shame! First of all, the latest news: I finished my novel! Then, here is my NaNoWriMo profile page to check I really won!

Here’s the sum up:

I started with some slowliness as early as the first couple of days. Given the fact that every Friday I go away and have (nearly) no chance to write while away, I was pretty put down at first. I even considered quitting. But, come on, would Adi let me do that? No chance. I don’t get it: doesn’t she have enough work of her own to deal with, that she reacts so fast when I mention quit or cancel? So, she twitted and Facebooked me into staying with NaNoWriMo. A great THANK YOU for that, Adi!

On my third week of NaNo-ing I arranged to meet a friend who lives abroad and was here for a couple of weeks only. Quite a lucky chance, she is a writer. I never expected conversation to drift that way, yet she asked “What am I reading in FB about something you write?” So, I told her and she said so many nice things that I feel too humble to share them here. She wanted to read, so I uploaded the unfinished and unedited (and full of many huge awful mistakes, weaknesses and discrepancies) version of my NaNo novel to Smashwords and sent her an invite to read it. I hoped against hopes that I hadn’t actually done that. Until, a couple of days later I received a message from her in FB saying that … OMG etc. which I cannot possibly share again (out of pure modesty).

Well, the fact is that Lily in the Moonlight is finished. I will edit it, which will not be too hard and maybe add a couple of scenes which I had forgotten, but that last thing is not sure. After I edit it, I will release it for sale. It’s a bit sad that it will appear before Orange of the First-Year Stars, but… Orange will be way too hard to finish and edit.

Well, that’s it. I am still three term papers behind, as it is. You know that I enrolled in a Master’s programme with Sofia University, right? I will tell you more of that some other time, or not…