Sunday Whirl 372 – My Bruised Vision

The matches light the room
at least a tiny portion where I can use my bruised vision

I love my nails although my hand is numb and aches
A match goes off and I strike another one

There is a rusty mail close to the door
Like a knight, a guard of honour to secure the place
and make sure all splendour is safe – princes, princesses and all

That reminds me
of my blossomed rich garden, where every flower is caged in safety
surrounded by metal edges and love.

The door is unhinged and falls on my aching hand
raising stars before my eyes and voices in my head

I listen close and savour the voices.
I exert my eyes and savour the gleams.
I think all I can and savour the ideas rumbling in my brain.


How cool is it to be writing to your own prompt! Very cool! And very serious.

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strike a match

with that gentle touch of your

hand which holds my

heart agile and waiting

afloat long waking

Believing in the magic of

that unmatched and




fire of your breath

applied to my cold cheeks

That irrational thrill in my

dreaming memory of a

“Safety Matches” box

I still cling to

at night

© 2012 soulmary