Day 3: Tired of… Poem

Tired of your know-it-all, nerdy reputation,
Will you try to be a different one?
One that looks for any hot-chick’s sensual elation,
That much needed when you want to ride on with the gang?

Will you try it many times,
Every time believing you’ll succeed?
Every time you reach to what you need,
Will you find you change your mind?

What other people have is their own, not fitting you.
My love, you’ll know your own,
Of course, you doubt it now, I know.
And doubt’s what makes us free to choose our path.

Walk blind and try to make your math.
Wondering about the aftermath.


What won’t wait… – Nov PAD, Day 7

2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 7 – What won’t wait poem


What won’t wait?
Well, I suppose
Anything could wait.
If it needs identity.

Unidentified phenomena
won’t wait.
But then,
who cares?

I don’t.
And what is more
I won’t


© 2011 Mariya Koleva