Elevator or Everest?


(The new program for making your employees healthy)

Get Your Employees Involved to Experience the Ultimate Challenge and Long-Term Benefits

Following the recent legislation moves, you are supposed to freshen up your office work by persuading your employees to move along more than they usually do.

Here is what we offer: get them to forget about the elevator and climb Mount Everest instead!

As a start, the challenge will equip your employees with pedometers to log the number of steps they make every day, thus taking part in a prize-offering internal competition. Participation in the step-logging initiative will be enough so that they may win a prize, not considering the actual numbers they achieve.

The real incentive, however, will be the virtual climb of Mount Everest. At each stage your employees reach, they will celebrate their conquest by sticking the flag, so to say, and covering a stage of the real Everest climb. The south passage route will be used in that virtual quest, showing photos of base camps, scenery, along with information about the environment and even “current” details, such as outside temperature, the weight of the equipment they are “wearing and carrying” at that particular moment of their climb, etc. Your employees will see a route map where their progress will be shown along the track to the top. And since the Everest climb is not a quest for loners, your division leaders will be able to form teams which will cooperate in the collective task, thus building stronger internal bonds and benefiting from the team spirit in their future work.

Teaming together employees whose actual working stations are located in separate office sections or on different floors, is a possible approach. Thus, Jimmy from “Sales” might ignore the phone when he needs to talk to Mary from “Customer Service” and take the actual steps towards her office. Or, perhaps pizza-loving Pete will decide in favour of Mount Everest and skip the elevator ride to his breath-taking fifth floor, knowing that his teammates depend on his steps in order to reach the top sooner that the other teams.

In addition to the mission accomplishment, your employees will enjoy better fitness, brighter mood and warmer working environment (especially as opposed to the temperature figures they will be “experiencing” on their virtual quest), which, in the not-so-long run, will benefit your company immeasurably.

© 2011 Mariya Koleva

(This is a sample article, and not a real advertisement. Please, do not send inquiries as to the specifics of the program! Thank you!)