Ferris Wheel

Day 19 of the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge – Wheel 🙂

ferris wheel
Image by Christina Stetler


You took me to the ferris wheel

And sat me in the cubicle

I was not sure what to feel or do

Then you told me

The wheel was gonna get us to the sky

From where we would see our flat

The terrace, even, where we loved

To watch the stars at night

Every summer

And listen to the birds chirruping

In the great green tree crowns

Just in front of our building.


“We would see all that?”I sighed

In wonder of this marvel

You just hugged me tighter, caressed my hair

To reassure me: “Yes.”


Each time on the same ferris wheel

And then each time on bigger and fancier ones

I look for the terrace

Where we stood to stare at the stars

That would be our home, one day,

You said,

And that meet our dreams in warmth

And never laugh at us.


We left the ferris wheel so long ago

And then the terrace,

And then you left

To join the stars,

I hope.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Letter to Daddy

The Two for Tuesday prompt at Poetic Asides comprises two prompts: Letter and Recipe. Since I’m not good at cooking, I chose letter. 

Image credit: Borderless News and Views

Letter to Daddy

Although you’ll never read this,

I think I have to ask

Some questions that have

Been burning my mind

For a long time

For over twelve years, to be precise.


Starting on along this road

Did you remember to take

My smiles with you

And the memory of hugging me?


Do you still keep them,

Or have you forgotten all

About me and how I

Depended on you in everything?


Remembering you is never hard

Do you remember me?


Crying for you is always easy,

Where do my tears go?


Can you really hear my voice

When I speak up,

As old wives’ tales warn me?


I put all this in writing

On a computer screen

Which you have never seen

And which cannot be

Stained with tears

As paper does.


I write because

I’m still alive

And want to remember

And fancy you

Remember me.

© Soul Mary


Writing a Circular poem for today, Day 7 of the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook Challenge means we have to either write about something circular, or in a circular form, or whatever we prefer to associate “circular” with. This is a great prompt and I enjoyed it very much.

Image credit: Dreams Time



Whenever I reach back

To remember you and me,

Hand in hand, strolling in the park

I have to turn my gaze and see

My little one

Remind me of myself,

Hand in hand with Daddy.


Her lovely chestnut curls,

Her shiny eyes like olives,

Her tiny hand in grip of mine,

Her slender body curled asleep

Just next to me,

Remind me of myself

and you, Dad.


The circle is complete.

© soulmary

Worst Thing Ever…

Poetic Asides – Wednesday prompt #193

The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me

I knew you were going
some time before you were gone
(And you knew that, too) 

No need for doctors
we just knew
every breath you took
was one of very few 

I wonder what I saw
Around the closed exit door –
Bright light or shadow
of my horror
the vacuum

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Coming home to daddy, Poetic Blooms #55

Poetic Blooms #55

Coming Home
To daddy
And see him leaning on the kitchen sink
Washing dishes
To see him arrange them neatly
On the drier rack
To see him
Look at me with that amazing love
I can’t help weeping for

Just coming there
In my every dream
And wonder, upon waking,
How can I be seeing him
Still there
And nowhere else?

© 2012 Mariya Koleva