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Childhood and Adulthood

Two for Tuesday: again we have a prompt that consists of two parts and the best part is that they can be linked.
28 to Create, Day 11 – Childhood/Adulthood


Dream some greatness
Impossible as it is
Improbable as they tell you it is
Believe some reason
will chase after your dreams.

Nevermind! Here I am faultering,
yet seeming firm in my
unwillingness to go on
believing, or cheating on my destiny.

Have they told you
you’re the maker of your own destiny?
Good for them.
Did you believe it?
Good for you.
That’s enough of a lesson
to remember and ponder on
all life long.

© 2014 soulmary

bereft of surprise

Bereft… of surprises

Even when you grow up, there might come something to shake you down.

bereft of surprise

Image by: AprilElizabeth

Bereft of surprises
because of age
happening relentlessly,
I still am surprised
at things I should’ve
long forgotten.

Maybe exactly
because I have long
forgotten them,
I felt they were
while they have been here
all along.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva