The Bloody Trail of the Bitter Shark

The Bloody Trail of the Bitter Shark

It came one morning with the mist
I washed my bloody hands
The ocean water spilled
Champagne-like around me

Then I saw the trail of tomato paste
Getting thick so fast
That I couldn’t make my best move
To the safety of the shore.

My hands were bloody
Red with fear and disgust
My throat swallowed lumps
Between choked breaths

The morning mist listless
And indifferent
The bloody trail of the bitter shark.

©2015 MK


At first I wrote … the first one 🙂 Then I counted the syllables and you know the rest. The second one is perhaps the one.

myth for the september haiku heights
Image: Karezoid

Haiku Heights, 2013 September Heights #20


Disbelieving the incredible
Rede of heroic past
Only blood on the tree bark.

Incredible tale
Of past glory and heroes
Blood traces will stay.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva