Curiously, or rather not, black used to be my favourite colour when I was a teenager 🙂 Just like any other teenager. Later, when I passed that ‘girlish’ period, I realised black was the lack of colour, so how could it have been my fav ‘colour’? Weird little creature, I was. And sometimes, still am.

Haiku Heights, 2013 September Heights #21

black for september 2013
Image by: Habter


My lack of colour
To lull the bleakness inside
Forgiveness for all.

© 2013 Mariya Koleva

Hair, the brighter light

We have been somewhat behind, but no worries as long as we enjoy ourselves 😀

What follows is in answer to Prompt #8 of The Brighter Light Kid-Adult Poetry Month. Here you can enjoy the picture of the Sparkly Snowflakes team, as they have gathered together like the Three Weird Sisters in the well-known Shakespeare’s play: Just follow the link 

And here is my rendering of Silviya’s reflections.


Both brown and black are chestnut
‘Cause black is chestnut burnt
And brown is like my hair.
Only mine is curly, too.
Just like my mom’s
and like Auntie Cabbage
from the Vegetables’ Song.

Black is shiny like the blouse
my mommy never wears.
Shiny, glossy, smooth
like our kitten’s fur
when I squeeze her
to get some kisses.

Oh, yes, the hair…
It’s beautiful when it’s soft and much.

© The Yellow Ninja, 2013

*Uncle Tom’s Cabin* by Harriet B. Stowe; Book Review

Despite its sometimes archaic language and certain naivety entirely due to the age of its production,  Uncle Tom’s Cabin is an indispensable read in the young reader and learner reading list.
The heart-breaking story,  full of Biblical quotes and interpretations,  terrifying scenes of human degradation and thrilling descriptions of pure saintliness and greatness,  both on the whites and blacks’ side,  will impress readers deeply and make them realise, accept and respect simple realities in life,  such as diversity,  equality,  tolerance and dignity.