Washing Age Away

Today, I took a rapid look at my WordPress stream and chose a wordle prompt. Below are the process notes. Here is the ‘Washing’ wordle poem:

Image taken from We Write Poems blog
Image taken from We Write Poems blog

Washing my hands of the flowing tea,
I saw the defects age has brought over them;
Swollen ring-fingers and sandstoned palms
ripe with fear, logic and applause.

The flaked mirage lacks clarity and my heart fell,
suddenly muddled by the silly scent teabags raise when wet –
not spirit-filled, but casually transplanted in the natural self
of the sink drain.

Today, that story is a mere waste –
far from the library dreams, just as blinds cover
the dusk inside.

©2014, Mariya Koleva

The poem was written to We write Poems #9 wordle blockbuster prompt. Here is the word pool:
washing blinds swollen defective omen ring shell waste steering fruit riddled spirit-filled suddenly fear logic sandstone silly Sewanee mirage flaked scent rings notch inside muddled applause sodden touts natural self transplant story ham library dreams casually scams heart dusk clarity today turtle age sustains woolen palms please ripe flowing tea