ONSET, Limerick and Acrostic

Today my blog features a fun Two-in-One experience, combining the Acrostic with the Limerick. The prompt I acted upon could be found here: Acrostic Only

Limerick – ONSET


One fellow took off for the town

Not knowing that he had no gown

So the moment he went

Every eye was content

To enjoy at that beautiful clown.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Rhythm, Day 24

NaPoWriMo, Day 24

1. Acrostic Only, SW – Rhythm

Rhythm rules the abyss

Hailing over dead wood

You wasted time alone

Timeless patterns get you

Hunting on your own

Mindful, random and forlorn.

2. Poetic Asides – Morning 

Blue highways
Rolling over
Your sleepiness 

On that blissful verge
Your dreamy blinks abide 

Still sleepy self can feel
The blue outside
Where birds are chirring 

Is there coffee steaming?

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

No dice, Day 22

NaPoWriMo, Day 22

Magpie Tales #114

Acrostic Only (TW) – No Dice

Being Poetry – Dreams

No dreams
Ordinary spells 

Dreaming underwater
Isolated perfectly
Casket around
Equally forgotten

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Image by Alex Stoddart

Let’s try this Limerick and/or Fake translation, Day 12

Today’s poeming continues. I turned to a friendly prompt site, whose prompt I rarely have the chance to make justice. A brand new thing for me, the Limerick. OK, it’s not an Acrostic, as you will, no doubt, notice. As I said, I hardly ever do justice to the
3. Acrostic prompts.

Acrostic Only – Spade 

A fellow came home with a spade
His wife thinking him on parade
When she saw the said tool
Shouted “You are a fool!”
And his face turned whiter a shade.

4. The fourth prompt I poemed on is quite unusual. Last year I missed the opportunity, so today I decided to give it a try. So, as you see, this post shows unique first times :-). The NaPoWriMo.net said write a translation of a poem written in a language you don’t understand, just judging by sounds and intuition. Here is my attempt. I picked up an Albanian poet – Xhevahir Spahiu. His original poem is HERE along with the “real” translation into English. I need to admit I was searching for similarities with both English and my mother tongue, too. Another thing to admit is I did a poor job as a translator, but I was charmed by the opportunity to write my own poem, in fact.


Do ta shaloj ren?
t? shkoj mbi malet e mia,
po desh?n shi, t’u derdh pika lot?sh
It will rain forever
in this heavy trunk of mine
So, walk faster, find a shelter.
Do ta shaloj kalin
t? ndiej shijen e er?s
kur dashuria m? pret. 
In this shallow pool
You will shine like a star
While you shower me all over.
Do ta shaloj lumin
t? m? ?oj? n? det,
t? mbaj mbi vete anijet. 
Your light will never end
Our children will live on
So, the wind will while and moan.
Do ta shaloj pem?n
mos pik?llohet pa zogjt?,
rr?nj?t t’i ngulen m? thell? n? tok?. 
I will remember you forever
Your dreamy smile at dawn
Rain and clouds enmeshing us.
Do ta shaloj ?drr?n
pa yzengji dhe pa fre,
t? m? ?oj? tek e nes?rmja. 
It will grow ever bigger –
this starlet pain for you
Tell me you need me.
Do ta shaloj k?ng?n,
zot i saj, rob i saj, – t’i k?ndoj
l?vizjes dhe nga pika e vdekur.
I will know you forever
day and night, sun and moon – you only
seeing me off on my travels.

NOTE: Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the characters appear as they are…

© 2012 Mariya Koleva