Shall We Dance

Glamour is pouring out of pubs and clubs
along the shoreline
And the summer clamour
Is everywhere around
I get lost in the sweet and sour flavours
Reaching my senses from the crowd
Restaurants and Ferris wheels scream for joy
Shall we dance until the crack of dawn?
(c) 2023, soulmary

This poem was created with several prompts in mind:
Wednesday Prompt 657: A summer poem, and you can see many others here As always, excellent works.
Friday Writing 81: City dreaming, a blog for which I write for the first time.
Poetic Bloomings 443: Shall we dance? But of course we’ll dance, why even ask 😉

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

2 thoughts on “Shall We Dance”

  1. As I read your delightful poem, I began to imagine all the wonderful places I have danced, frolicked, lost myself in the joy of it all.

  2. I love the joyousness of this! Congratulations on so well combining all three prompts. You certainly got a city vibe in there. Welcome to P&SU, I hope you’ll come and play with us again.

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