Season change

Theme Thursday, March 15 – Season

It’s a sentence in a prison – every season.
Locked inside it you will find
weather, climate, temperatures that drop or rise.

Once it’s over,
with a feeling of relief,
simply step on forward
to the next dream of release. 

Seasons change
and then again
You rearrange
your dress and habits
to suit the outside
with its measures
and bring about
all-seasons pleasure.

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Image courtesy: Theme Thursday, March 15 post

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

3 thoughts on “Season change”

  1. I wish we had a better sense of seasonal change here in So Cal. so that we did not have to look at a calendar and could see those beautiful autumn leaves fall.

    Happy Theme Thursday, so happy to play with ya,

    Hope to see you next week.

  2. Thanks to:

    Kris – aren’t we all?
    Mrsupole – I really love seasonal change. In just a couple of weeks the weather switches from fur coats and boots to sleevless tops and slippers. It’s wonderful and magical!

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