Rebelling the NaNo, Guest at WSS


Today is very special for me. My guest blog post appears in the Wordsmith Studio blog. That community fills me with pride. I am one of its Founding members. I have never been a founding member of anything before in my life. When I started the April Platform-Building Challenge at the My Name Is Not Bob site, I was not sure what to expect. Luckily, I found myself among active people, who really wanted to make a difference. Not a difference to the world, perhaps, but to ourselves as authors. I myself rarely take initiatives. I am a slow starter. But, once I start, I am a steady goer. Once I am convinced, I am a fast learner and soon ready to offer tangible cooperation.

In a matter of a month this community was formed and had groups over Twitter, Facebook, a Facebook fan page and a site of our own. At first, we were the Not-Bobbers. Then, as our project took a living of its own, the steering committee – the most active of our founding members, experience in design and organization, cast a vote for a new name. The name Wordsmith Studio was chosen and I am amazed at the brilliance of it. I am in vow before the talented ladies and gentlemen forming this community, before their sincere efforts to make it better, more useful and more helpful for all of us and future members.

In another month there was vote for graphic design. We chose our group logos and then the Founding Member badge. The designs presented were great, and we chose the greatest.

Now, the page is ready to launch. There we have Groups, Forums, Profile Accounts… the chance to interact with other Members. We are about to transfer our activities from our FB groups to our page. They hold regular Twitter chats. I can never make it, due to time zone difference. They hold regular Book discussions at Goodreads, too. I can’t participate there either, because I can’t afford to buy any of the books. Yet, Monique who moderates the discussions there, offered to scan some pages for me, to be able to take part in the group activities. I find that very touching and worth remembering.

That is where my guest post makes its live appearance today. Head over and read it. Leave me a comment there. Go visit our wonderful community of creative souls and then spread the love!

© Mariya Koleva, 2012