Prose Is Poetry, So We Stay

And So We Stay

Credit to: Emerald Depths on DeviantArt

Who would go with me, if I were to go away? On this bright day, so many years ago, in a Dark Room did I stay, expecting the most wonderful miracle in life – the coming of new life.
Who would cry with me, if I decided to weep without any solace and without a pause? Why would I decide that? Who knows. Is life what expects us or is it what we expect? Death, same question. Stillness covers the ground with grey and gold. Eyes open in sadness to see the day is beautiful ahead, life goes on and buds will open to bloom. Very soon. Love, it seems, remains. The heart won’t get still and so we stay. To enjoy. The new day.

This is my offering for the latest Poetic Bloomings poetry prompt PB #475 – Prose is Poetry. That is the reason I wrote it in a block text. I can see where the line divisions should be and will make a visual as I imagine it. Right now, however, to keep to the prose character, I will leave the text as is.

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader