Potent, Poetry Jam

Poetic Jam – Blind

We see
afraid to look
so blind
in our desire
to be potent

© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Image taken from the prompt site

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

9 thoughts on “Potent, Poetry Jam”

  1. we see what we want, deny the rest that does not fit our own view…that is for sure…but does it really make it reality? really powerful short here…

  2. brian – very good point. I seem to have my opinions on this vary through the various periods in my life. Sometimes, I’m perfectly content with what I choose (not) to see; at other times I … hm, not sure if I’ve ever REALLY wanted the real reality. 🙂 Yet, what is reality, after all? One for me, another one for you… Thanks for your comment, smiles

  3. Lots of wisdom packed into just a few lines…I think those seeking power are often quite afraid to take an honest look at themselves, recognizing their shortcomings seems to be a weakness to them. Too bad they can’t realize that embracing their flaws and weaknesses brings an entirely different kind of power. Thanks for playing along over at Poetry Jam this week!

  4. One of my favorites … I’ve copied, printed, on my fridge now.

  5. This really makes me think! I think at different times we are all blind to one thing or another..

  6. We do all see things differently. What some think is beautiful, others may see as ordinary and, you’re right, what we don’t want to see, we turn a blind eye too. Very good points here.

  7. Thanks to:

    Mary Mansfield – oh, you are too kind *blushes*

    helen – “on the fridge”… that is a great honor! I mean it.

    Mary – I completely agree, “periodic” blindness it could be called.

    Jinksy – many times, yes.

    Daydreamertoo – glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Oh, this desire to be potent! A most powerful longing to be valid and strong in our offerings. This is a great reflective piece, Marian!

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