Letter 24 (X) – Day 24, November PAD

X marks the spot
of all things of interest, and of the anti-vote

It also starts some beguiling words
of foreign origin amusing our minds

Shockingly pronounced
Easily forgotten

No wonder X marks the spot of interest and of emptiness.

© Mariya K, 2020

Explanation – Day 23, November PAD

Do you need
an explanation?
Can’t you see

it’s harvest?
Unknown and greedy it looks.

Quickly, the night train!

© Mariya K, 2020

Birds – Day 22, November PAD

Terrible beak, powerful claws
high wind whirling with the wing sway,
dinosaurs as ancestors.

Singing angelically in the palace golden cage,
a multicoloured bird – a dinosaur descendant,
kept and admired as a symbol of innocence.

Be it as cute as Tweety or as awe-inspiring as the eagle,
the dinosaur lineage is there, if we want to see it.

© Mariya K, 2020

Tell – Day 21, November PAD

you are free to tell all ugly truths to
those you dislike.

Yet, who cares
after half a year in isolation?

You’d better tell lies
if teleworking is what you need
to tell the truth.

© Mariya K, 2020

Target – Day 20, November PAD

Aim, then act.
Where are you?

Get ready and consider

Is anybody aiming
at you
on the other side?

© Mariya K, 2020

Confession – Day 19, November PAD

Closing my hands before my heart
Obliviating all that I know,
Neglecting signs and prophecies,
Facts, but also fiction,
Escaping beyond the realm of everydays,
Silently and
I go
On, and I do
Not plan to stop.

© 2020, Mariya K

Seahorse – Day 18, November PAD

It appears seahorses
got their shape
for more successful feeding –
making it a stealthy hunter.

Moreover, they appear to be super killers,
namely due to that
flexing head-and-body shape.

To think I took them
for friendly, harmless and kind.
Now I see a stealthy hunter and a super killer
is hellenically divine.

© Mariya K, 2020

Nice-Mean – Day 17, November PAD

The nice thing about
mean values is that they
tend to have fans.

The mean thing about
being outwardly nice is that it’s
fake at heart
and breaks the heart.

© Mariya K, 2020

I know this ‘mean’ is not what the prompt did mean, but as Robert says this should be a ‘springboard’.

Response to Nightmares – Day 16, November PAD

Our nightmares
speak very often
about that
distant day
beyond our eyes, hands and feet
where nightmares are dreams.

© Mariya K, 2020

Process Notes:
The prompt is to write a response poem. I chose to respond to an earlier prompt from this month: Dreams and/or Nightmares, which can be read here. I believe what I did was rather a continuation of my stream of thought than a direct response. But, you know, prompts are designed to help us write, and not restrict us.

Meaning of Persistence – Day 15, November PAD

Joy will lead the way
to where you’re the best.
Your passion will do the rest

Your passion will not rest
until you’re the best.
Joy will lighten up your way.

© Mariya K, 2020

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