News Of The Day, Day 2 of November PAD Chapbook Challenge

emerald lantern

I am walking two paths in November, you know. I am doing the NaNoWriMo for a third year, though not in succession, and I am doing the NovPAD for fourth consequtive time. Here is the prompt for Day 02 – News of the day Poem

emerald lantern
Image by: zy0rg

A sudden blast in South End passage
has sent some dozens in their graves.
The rest are not yet safe,
you can’t play dice with fate
and buy your painful minutes out.
Or have your dismal end exchanged
for any other.

That sudden blast has hit the headlines
the world is starting to believe
that South End is bad omen
together with its funny name.

Reporters reported today
that a man was found in a cave
near town.
He was pretty OK,
though not so willing to share.

And everybody flocked
to see the miserable soul
and help him carry his burden.
By draining some gossip from him.

Authorities also reported
The man was simply alone
So, they would take him to shelter
and bring him in a community home.

Just before holy season
that’s a fair nice thing to do
Deprive him of his stoicism
and force him to wear shoes.

“For his own good,” all media boomed.
For society’s good has too bloom.
Even though he was reluctant to go
not knowing that he was so low.

© 2013, forestlove

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

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