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Today is the first day of October and we are entering the true autumn. Yesterday marked the beginning of the Ivy Moon from the Celtic Lunar calendar. It starts at the end of the harvest season and prepares us for the coming cold and death in the natural world. Ivy lives long after its host plant has died, which is a reminder of the cyclic nature of life. It is a season when we may free ourselves and our lives from all negative thoughts, despair and gloom.

People are supposed to get occupied in improving themselves and to purify their lives from all toxic things. This is the time of the waning sun, so life of people born under this moon could be sometimes difficult and require stamina and strength.

This moon is masculine and known as the moon of resilience and buoyancy. Magic is related to healing, cooperation and protection.

Most of all, the Ivy Moon is the period when people prepare for the Samhain festival at the end of October, which is the Witches’ New Year.


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