Hope, Hiding and Sweating Animals for Day 6

NaPoWriMo, Day 6 – I hope this small collection will be well-liked 🙂

1. Haiku Heights – Hope

Hope dawns with each day
Skies redden and glow with it –
Sunrise and sunset.

2. NaPoWriMo.net – Animal 

A mother cat will
look upon her litter as
Tigers in waiting.


3. Being Poetry – Sweat 

Do you remember that winter?
You left the windows open
And yet you sweated. 

Do you recall now
That warmth within
Which made you sweat? 

Or do you sweat now
only for the awkwardness
of a silly situation
I put you in

4. Poetic Asides – Hiding 

Conceal those tears
And make me believe
There is nothing but joy. 

And make me believe
We are overly happy
To be here and now. 

There is nothing but joy –
“As is” clause
fully operational 

In hiding.


© 2012 Mariya Koleva

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

16 thoughts on “Hope, Hiding and Sweating Animals for Day 6”

  1. So many poetry prompt sites so little time…
    I have enjoyed your haiku and other verse.
    Thank you for stopping by my site 🙂
    I do have longer verse…but they are at the link on my site: Julesgemsandstuff. …a break from poetic ventures… not I…well not yet anyway. Have a great day.

  2. You are very, very good at these haiku poems. I find them quite difficult, but you’re acing them! Happy Easter, Mariya!

  3. Wow, you have written up a storm to a wide variety of prompts. I commend you for this. You are participating in NaPoWriMo to the max.

  4. I like them all, but number three is my favorite. As for the kittens, thanks for dropping them in, it’s been so long since there have been kittens in my life.

  5. Thanks to:

    Misky – Happy Easter to you, too. (Ours is next week ;-)) I’m glad you like my haikus.

    Grace – I like sunset and sunrise, too, as a cute way to describe the circle of life 🙂

    Mary – I’m flattered. In fact, there are some more promptsites, yet I feel 4 or 5 is enough 😀

    Rachel – thanks! In November, I usually do NaNoWriMo along with Poetic Asides’ NovPAD, so I feel a Poetry Month should have plenty of all – challenges, prompts, poems.

    Irene – that’s very true 😀

    brenda – I’m glad you enjoyed nu. 3 🙂 I love kittens, too.

    MMTeacher – exactly my opinion. In fact, sometimes I try to write encouraging, just to push back the feeling of despair.

    Diana – I’m glad you liked it!

  6. Mariya, I loved the surprise ending in “Animal.” Motherhood isn’t all smiles and bubbles, is it?

  7. I so love the idea of the mother cat thinking of her kittens as tigers in waiting! I wanted to let you know I have added your site to the blogroll at Poets United. I am sorry for the delay. Thanks for joining and I look forward to reading more of your work on site……

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