Funny Tall Tale Poem – Day 12 of April PAD


Today, the two prompts were very interesting and difficult to follow. Robert at Writer’s Digest prompted us to write a Funny Poem, and the NaPoWriMo site asked for an attempt at a Tall Tale Poem (you know, the type of David Crocket stories). Here’s what I wrote, although I doubt it’s either funny or doing any justice to the tall-tale genre. The latter has always been a favourite of mine, but at the same time, the one I have never been particularly good at.

The circus came –
Clowns more frightening than funny,
All thanks to good old Stephen.

Children thought they’d better spend
their time creating heroes.

With costumes green and purple or bizarre,
with eyes so big and grinning lips,
their hands were shovels, some were rakes,
legs were particularly difficult to make.

Then look – the next day
all the forest was live with laughter
echoing throughout the village,
mixed with screams and shouts.

The circus stayed a month
The children’s heroes played around
Brimming with the joy they’ve found.

©2024, soulmary

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader