Friends with Words, Evasive Wordle

After a long, longish absence, I am happy to be back on the Poetic Bloomings site and on one of their prompts. This is a great and curious prompt. You know how a wordle works, right? Well, this, as I called it “Evasive Wordle” works almost the same way. Only, you have to replace the original words with synonyms or descriptions. Or, were descriptions allowed? Hm, not sure, but anyway, I used some.

Here is the wordpool:  challenge, common, mask, skill, origin, love, night, drink, beauty, death

Enjoy my Evasive Wordle, entitled

Gorgeous Sight on the Dance Stage 

The gorgeous sight on the dance stage

before my eyes

is a harsh ordeal

beyond my ability, yet

I have to overcome it

while wearing the dull disguise

of one seeking escape of life –

its boredom and affection.


My ability abandons me

from dusk till dawn.

I have to sit and sip in lonely gulps

what someone brings me,

of nature unknown,

just to see my leering mirror reflection

and remember the gorgeous sight on the dance stage.


© 2013, Mariya Koleva

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

4 thoughts on “Friends with Words, Evasive Wordle”

  1. Nicely done, Mariya. All you needed was for the words to inspire. Once you had that, anything your did to it was on track!

  2. Nice Mariya – this took me somewhere totally unexpected and I forget it was wordled (in a way) completely … excellent.

  3. I like the repetition of: The gorgeous sight on the dance stage ~ It could be anything lost or deprived from us, but one we had to let go ~

    Happy to read you ~

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