Follow the Instructions – Day 3 April PAD

Follow the instructions –
after each tactile contact
wash your hands profusely
and with soap.

Then, I follow my own instruction and
apply hand cream with generosity.

With so much use of cream,
I hope the supplies won’t deplete
because my skin just isn’t complete
when it doesn’t beyond-all-retreat
soak in it.

©2020 forestlove

In Day 3 I offer you this attempt at looking at the current emergency with a sense of humour. Poetic Asides offered the prompt of ‘Follow [blank]’, and NaPoWriMo site suggested poets to generate a list of rhymes/near rhymes from a set of words of our choice. I looked around and picked up words like desktop, face cream, file. Then, I used my original ones, to be honest, although I checked the generated word pool and was quite intent to use those, as well. As usual, I did simply follow my poetic pen. 

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader