Creation and Death

September Heights #15 – Creation


The stiff awareness

Of blinking and swallowing

Cherry tree in bloom 


Crescent moon weeping

Sad and mournful of the time

When stars will not shine


Night in the orchard

Bats whoosh to and fro in search

They hear the future

© soulmary

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader

6 thoughts on “Creation and Death”

  1. Nicely written … I like this triplet very much. It’s different with the other haiku I have read for today’s prompt. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It’s also about death on the Poetic Blooming site so then alright I wrote one. Please Mariya enjoy this:


    My left hand went for your
    inches above it,
    so did my sister’s
    only we didn’t say a word
    when my sister and I held our hands above you when
    you took your last breath or
    sort of blew it out.

    In that moment we knew that we would never be your
    little babies anymore and my sister whispered:

  3. Dear friends, thank you for your warm words and encouragement!

    Diwakar – it is not a paid theme 🙂

    Andrea – this is such a beautiful poem, and it speaks to me so much. I mailed you 🙂
    Best, MK

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