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Easy and Difficult – Day 10, November PAD

Early signs
Arrive at my threshold
Surprise will be
Yours today!”

Diving into tremor
I feel I am
Facing and age-old dilemma,
Flight or Fight”. My mind races
Irrational as to what’s next.
Closing my eyes won’t help
Unless it does, in which case the
Less I see,
The better.

© Mariya K, 2020

Our Quiet Autumns – Day 9, November PAD

Our quiet autumns – before we were a family of three,
while we were still accountable for only you and me,
and nights and days were ours to divide in moments
of soft or strong, friends or opponents,

Are just a pile of photographs – arranged in albums
and poems in my chapbooks – all tagged with keywords.

Our quiet autumns with warming yellow leaves
through which we shuffled feet so carefree.

© Mariya K, 2020

Cat – Day 8, November PAD

When I meow, they hardly hear, it seems.
I think they do, yet pretend to be busy otherwise.
What else can be important?
I’m their pet, I have needs
which they have to meet.

Meowing, rubbing my side against them,
not always yields results.
Why they hardly buy the best in stock,
defies my feline mind.

My dumb old humans mumble something
about their complex lives.
Jobs and kids … such nonsense –
I’m their pet, I have needs.

© Mariya K, 2020

This Time – Day 7, November PAD

This time it’s time to wipe tears away
This time is tumultuous, and no one knows why.
Tons of wild speeches won’t show us the way.
Mimicry serves well those who have style.

Open your eyes and close the door tightly.
Curtains will follow you subtly.
Hit the “Play” button and listen with care –
this time around no one is there.

© Mariya K, 2020

In Media Res, Day 6 November PAD

But while I was sitting there
and chewing peacefully away,
a head popped in the room and stared,
“Can you offer me a stay?”

“Hah,” said I, my eyes were flashing
as Sabrina was foul demons bashing
and free trial was nearly over,
yet I mumbled, “Come on over.”

“Just keep silent,” my mind screamed,
as my suitcased guest live-streamed,
tiptoeing between me and the screen,
pausing there, “I hate to intervene.”

No doubt, I’ll have to buy a full-fee month
and lock the house, pull all blinds down,
then post an ad in the local paper,
“She’s fine. Don’t try to save her.”

© Mariya K, 2020

Ruins – Day 5, November PAD

Ruins speak and sing
so frequently and loud in dreams.
Always draped in mists –
a vital element of mysteries.

But visit Rome on any normal day –
you’ll face a different image. Hey,
so many souls and soles
do tread the stones,
it’s fair to ask oneself in sober tone
if those awe-striking ruins are (t)here to stay.

© Mariya K, 2020

Blanket Myself – Day 4, November PAD

Blanket myself in cosy new covers
and mushy comforting words.
Lose myself throughout the dark hours
When somewhat astray goes the world.

Feel it myself – the white silly whisper
of choosing in peace where I step.
Blanket myself getting ready to listen
as beautiful reason is going to bed.

© Mariya K, 2020

Dreams to Nightmares – Day 3, November PAD

Every nightmare is a dream in its essence.
Then, dreams may turn to nightmares, too.

I couldn’t sleep last night and wondered
what algorithm we employ to switch between the two.

What is it that will turn the tables
so unicorns would flash vampire fangs?

All forests can be dark and deadly,
yet, they’re often in our dreams.

All roses bloom to die
But do we choose our time of waking?
Where does the border lie?

© Mariya K, 2020

Unexpected – Day 2, November PAD

Without a notice, the dream swam
in front of me.
I was standing in the middle of a clearing
dotted with smoothly-cut tree trunks.

I was gazing at the green tree crowns
surrounding the clearing,
Enjoying the honey yellow of the cuts,
Looking silently at the grass – trodden
and filled with saw dust and pieces of bark.

Unexpected, the dream of an ocean
swam before me.
The grass turned to waves,
The trees around – to rocks,
The colours of the forest stepped away.

My body was a feather.
It floated, absorbing every view into its tiny soul.

Every view of the forest and the ocean
the shiny feather bound together.

© Mariya K, 2020

Enter – Day 1, November PAD

E-ither we wear masks, or we don’t
N-othing depends on us, some say
T-otally everything’s in our hands,
E-xplain others
R-ather loud.

All we do is choose a side
without much prior knowledge
unprepared for verbal fights
(which often turn quite physical, in fact).

And then, once chosen, our side
marks us.
It’s a statement.
Slowly, it grew into
a point of values,
an expression of identity, beliefs,
and what not – you name it.

Enter the protection mask!

© Mariya K, 2020