A City Poem: Sofia

April Poem-A-Day 12 – City Poem

urban landscape
Image by eDamak

Even the snow is black
greasy with the tracks of tired tires,
rolling without an end –
day in, day out.

Twenty-four rush hours,
spilling in random precision
over boulevards like cold veins,
running along the hostile eyes
of office buildings and hotels.

Isolation stalks our smiles,
so we save them,
until inside gardens crowd our comfort zones,

as elevators hold our politeness –
small talk on the smoke area benches

in stark contrast with the social death outside.

©2014, soulmary

Featured image by Fmax here.

Statement, April Poetry Month

April Poem-A-Day 11 – A Statement

Image by lwc71

A statement is wrong in itself.
Its validity being too short

Unreliable sources want to convince me
that statements hold true
before time.

I would add,
before time eats them up
and belches their feisty
out in smelly bursts.

Not deserving attention at all.

©2014 soulmary

Future Poem

April Poem-A-Day 10 – A Future Poem

future poetry
Image: chriscold

When robots come to rule the Earth
I hope big cats will have their say.
If they are dull enough to stay,
that is.

Horizons of steel and genderless cold
will conquer humanity’s endless survival
on a river bank of ludicrous endings.

Despite the impossible personal dawn,
life will be determined at the stroke of a pendulum
hanging useless in a factory workshop
whose sky-high windows show
wasted landscapes over the hill.

Industrial dust collects in my view,
where shadows do not exist,
giving way to brightness
our souls do not need.

Inebriated by prospects,
we hardly are,
Seeking yesterday’s indulgence
in forgetfulness
and mellow gossip.

©2014 MK

Shelter, April Poetry Month

At times, I find poems I’ve written and hardly believe what I read. At other times, I am surprised at their mere existence. Obviously, writing is important and must be done any time, anywhere. It doesn’t matter that I have little time or my mind is cluttered with other stuff. Poetry (art, in general, or creativity, if you wish) has its way to ooze through and stay. It’s such a thrill to read my old stuff, nearly as if I am looking at old photo albums to day I have forgotten.

April Poem-A-Day 09 – Shelter

shelter fantasy
Image by staje at DeviantArt


That is safer
than sitting in the open
demonstrating bleeding cheeks
under tearful eyes
and smiles
forever merry

©2014, soulmary


Image: SamuraiX

April Poem-A-Day 08: Violent and Peaceful Poem

Suddenly we think it is OK
to throw empty plates,
or even full and dirty,
around and down,
smash them on the floor
or on the walls,
although we run the risk
of leaving stains
that we will have to clean
later on.

Stains tend to remain
and tarry on,
if only in our minds.

If only in our minds…

©2014 soulmary

Self-Portrait, Day 7

Welcome back 🙂 I have been around but not often enough here. I’ve been poeming, for sure, yet time is never sufficient, so a great part of my recent poetry appears on paper.
April Poem-A-Day 07 – Self-portrait

What is a ball of tangled ropes,
or a bowl of wiggling noodles?

What do you seek in the mirror?
But your depression and self-ruin,
the harsh words you have stored
for your own tiny wrinkles,
and especially for those
not too fine ones, the ones
you try to hide in vain.

Veiled behind a hollow story,
still worthy of your smiles,
love cuddles quietly.

© 2014, MK

Night, April Poetry

The Poetry month, my favourite, among so many others (my artistic heart is wide enough to make home for many more creative months) is underway, and so is my poetry. Here comes prompt No. 6 and it reminded me of the nights I spent during my university years, listening to the radio, reading books from my compulsory reading lists, smoking at my window and feeling alone…


Image: Psiheya
Image: Psiheya

April Poem-A-Day 06 – Night

When I dreamt of all I wanted –
mainly lying awake,
or smoking at the window.

Sadness painted my nails black
when I was deep down,
I thought I could see the night in them.

Inner overflowing painted my entire outfit black.

Nights of my college years,
I remember – soft,
lonely, and cold.
Filled with waking dreams
and futile wildness.

My nails, painted in shiny black
and a “friend” on my Facebook
remind me of those
young nights.

©2014, MK


April Poem-A-Day 05 – Discovery

Image by: phyzer
Image by: phyzer

Blinking in amazement,
or shuddering in the cold –
harps don’t sound so sad
when you’re not alone.

Full to the brim of the smiles
we plucked from lips and cheeks,
our ocean will disguise
what we have sought and never seen.

Somewhere on the beach
sorrow lies asleep.
Hush! Don’t ever wake it –
of it, we have no need.

©2014, MK
Featured image: kaioshen

Since, April Poem-A-Day #04

The poems today are great. I read so many takes and different angles, that I was glad I had written mine first.
April Poem-A-Day 04 – Since ….
Poetry Month
Since dawn
darkness has been crawling
and subtle.

Since birth
vultures have been watching
and seemingly asleep.

©2014, mariya koleva


April Poem-A-Day 03 – Message

Image by Vladstudio
Image by Vladstudio

I heard the fourteenth strike of the clock.
It told me time has extended like rubber;
it showed me there were sounds
marking things non-existent.

what I actually heard
was the fourteenth strike of the clock
and I wondered.

©2014 Mariya Koleva