Brutal Minds, So Passes Time


It is very hard for me to write introductions to my poems. On the one hand, I feel the poem tossed naked into the wild of the post, if it has no proper intro. On the other hand, I feel my intros inadequate to the sensation and the emotion I want to bring. Maybe intros, besides titles, are an area where I need to work more. For what point and purpose, though? To sell? To get noticed? To see people come here… I don’t believe any single soul cares. And that, well, that is the saddest part.

Image: Culpeo_Fox
Image: Culpeo_Fox

Brutal minds
believe their endlessness
hoping all will come in place
in time
Though all clocks will run
just one direction,
run through hearts
and bodies,
discouraging our drunken trust
in souls.

So passes time.

© 2014, soul mary

Featured image: thearne76 The picture was drawn with a pencil. Amazing!

Author: soul mary

Writer, poet and reader