HVAC Controller

The controller which I am presenting works with another project which I have realised and that has been in operation since 2009. It is an Air-Water Thermal Pump. Of course, the controller will be efficient with any HVAC system, on a residential level.

In the microcontroller under development, I have integrated the water pump control, the turn on/off of the boiler for household needs, the turn on/off of the solar installation, as well as an power consumption meter. I plan to add a power consumption meter which could monitor the consumption through an Internet account and send data to a PC through a USB cable. Those data, together with the data from the output power meter, will show the actual COP. In this way, the system may be adjusted more efficiently. In addition, the results of the changes may be monitored in real time. An optimal adjustment of a system may lead to significant reduction of electricity consumption.

The next step will be integrating the controller with a Network Addressable Module through which it will be possible to activate the individual components of the system via a browser or a telephone.

I am also examining the option that the system may be accomplished using an elegant panel with a touch screen and submenus for easier and better intuitive working. Another option to explore is adding wireless units to provide feedback from the controlled elements.

I am planning to enhance that microcontroller in the future to add individual temperature settings for up to 8 rooms. That way, the user will be able to control the individual room temperatures and shut the heating off in each room, notwithstanding whether the heating is accomplished by use of a radiator or a convector. Presently, I am trying to input a thermal meter in the basic version, so that we may control the output power following the heat exchanger.  I enclose a drawing of the controller.


I have finished the making of the controller. There are still some software details to accomplish. The microcontroller is able to control temperatures, send the data to a PC via Bluetooth in order to make diagrams, and there is a thermal meter that measures the output power in kWh. The logo on the controller is by my design, and is our company logo.

Here is the ready-made product:



Future work:

The unit should be accomplished in conformity with modules of leading companies in the HVAC sphere. It should be able to communicate and integrate with other systems, and be in compliance with Quality Management System.