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Poetry Month

The Wind of Change in August 1989

On 12-13 August 1989, there was a Peace Music Festival in Moscow. Of course, I didn’t know the title then. I just knew plenty of rock bands went there to perform. A thrilling summer. Not for political reasons. There are several summers in everyone’s life that are more thrilling than usual.
Another draft: November PAD, Day 13 – A Memory poem

In 1989, Scorpions went to Moscow
And played the Wind of Change on Lenin Stadium

Broadcasting live on the Russian National
Reaching our TV sets
At least, the good ones.

At rather unacceptable hours –
After midnight

The snowflake-covered screen showed no real picture
Played no real sound
Apart from the white noise.

The time for change had come
Only I didn’t know it yet.
© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

After the Autumn Equinox

This one is still a draft. November PAD, Day 12 – After _

After the Autumn Equinox
There comes a sudden feeling
Of festivity and settled-downness

Longer evenings, still warm
Concealing new thrill,
Secret smiles and
Stolen hand breezes

The days are sunny,
Your skirts are still short
Revealing your lanky suntanned
Summer legs
Which you’ve been growing
All for that.
© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

We’re Being Watched

November PAD, Day 6 – We’re Being Watched

We’re being watched!
The inevitable worry of any first kiss
No matter how dark the night,
No matter how empty the alley

Just someone might see
And recognise
Then remember
And point at me
In the crowd.
© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

My Summer Is a Tiger

That’s the result of working with a theme. You aren’t at a loss about how to approach an overused prompt. So, here is November PAD, Day 11 – An animal poem

Summer was a tiger
Spiraling to leaf fall
Where it fell asleep
Blending in its ochre

Rains and leaf mass rot
Filtering it through
To the other side of the planet

My summer is a tiger
Roaming in its wilderness.
© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

What Will Save … What?

This year, I’ve been noticing a new thing. I am writing these poems consciously. Don’t think I am usually unconscious while writing poetry. I mean, I plan what I want to write and for the first time in my poet life I’ve been writing drafts which I edit afterwards. I have a theme for this chapbook and I don’t let the prompt take me wherever it will. There is nothing wrong in that, sure, but this time I take the prompt to my theme and let it do there what it will. But, as Elvis sang, “A little less conversation, a little more action”, please. So, let’s get to the action. Today I share the Day 10 poem, which was prompted as a Technology Poem:

Musing over My Morning Tea

Some say technology will save the world
Some doubt that
In reliance on what they call “spiritual awareness”.

In brief, they hope the aliens
Who brought us here, in the first place,
Will finally reveal their
Major plan for us.

And I?
I’m simply sipping at my tea
While the morning window
Shows the day to pass.
I sit silent in front of the booming TV,
Which pours wisdom that insults me
And questions all my reasonable boasts.

No technology can save me
From the inevitable
Feeling of stuffed

So, I pour myself some tea
And try to live another day.
© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

Autumn Mistakes

Of course, wearing a dress in autumn, even when it’s warm is a mistake. My personal history confirms it. So, here’s the poem for Day 9 of my November poem-a-day chapbook

– Mistake –

Was I mistaken?
Was summer still the king?
The fallen leaves were burning
Like a goodbye kiss
Objecting to my stupid question

I was mistaken.
Even more so when I put on a dress.

© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

Submerged in Autumn

After several really freezing days, empty of poetry, the Indian summer is here. At night you can see the golden sea on the street.
Submerged in Autumn

One night the sky was brown
And soft
The air warm
As if
The whole town was about to melt

I saw the street submerged
Under the thick golden flakes
Which sent an autumn call
Across the town,
An autumn smell
Across the night.

(c) 2015, MK

Poetry Month

Summer Simmered Down

There has been a long break in this month’s poeming and posting. Here comes the Day 7 Simmer Down poem

The days went slowly collapsing into rain
The empty alleys gazed in their deep red silence
Imbibing all that’s come to pass or stay
Musing over it
All summer love had simmered down.

© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

Once Upon a Writing Class

This prompt is not very new. I remember writing to it at least once before. I wasn’t happy with the result. The poem you see is the second one I wrote today because I didn’t like my first attempt. I think it was nearly the same as the original one, though I can’t bear to start checking that now.

Once upon a Writing class
The autumn went in through the glass
The warm sun spilled its orange softness
All around the silent room, full of eager listeners.

It felt just like one day in summer
When the sun rays somehow squeezed between my eyelashes
Like silvery sparks,
The sun was brighter then,
And I could see and feel the water glitches
hopping up and down and
Side to side before my very eyes

The professor’s voice was dim and pleasant
In its monotony of steady knowledge
Made me wish I had the same steadiness in everything:
beliefs, ideas, expression.
You know, the overall impression one gives away.

I listened to the voice, and saw the summer sun beams
Still squeezing between the leaves of autumn
Not with regret, or a feeling of incompleteness –
Things were perfect then.
© 2015, MK

Poetry Month

Divided in the Whole

I rarely write the second poem for the two-for-Tuesday prompts. To be honest, I never do. I guess this time I did because it’s still the beginning of the month and I have a lot of enthusiasm about it. Here is the Divided poem for Day 3 of the November Poem-a-day challenge.

Divided in the Whole

There are small crevices
In my heart’s feeling of completeness,
Dividing the whole into gentle microscopic particles
Or just ordinary small pieces
Which somehow stand together,
But aren’t similar at all.

(c) 2015, MK