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Onegin Stanza

Day 11 – Onegin Stanza

I love my forms to be poetic
And call for loving lovers’hearts.
I try to run my poems hectic
Believing ending finds its path.
Towards our living stressful bodies
My loony, glowing eyes embody
The hopes and dreams of my distress,
And, humbly, blinking eyes will follow
The sign arising on the wall
That booms in strikes across the hall
Avoiding sleep, however hollow.
Entranced to meet the bluish sky,
Forgive, forget and wonder why.

©2017, MK

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A … Of Love, Day 3 of April PAD

A pinch of love
In your daily broth
Will change its taste forever.
Take that pinch instead of salt.

A wisp of love
In the evening breeze
Can lead you to a different route.
Embrace that sailing wisp.

A speck of love
In your eye
Can shift your vision forever.
Or until you take it out.

©2017, MK

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Not Today, April PAD, Day 2

It’s already Day 2 of April, and here’s my poem.

Not Today
I’ll wear a tightly-fitting dress
That shows my pretty curves
And lanky legs
But not today.

I’ll put on pearls or, better, diamonds
That shine the pathway to my cooling heart
And gripping, witty smile
But not today.

I’ll race a flashy bright red car
That turns the heads and minds of all men gaping
And cures their arrogance
But not today.

Today, I’ll wear a tracksuit
And clean the bathroom
Really well,
Because the mould is bad for me?

©2017, MK

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