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NaPoWriMo 2019, Day 8 – Doing Yoga

Doing yoga does me good
Although I wait for the class as I would for a therapy session
Relying on its imaginary security,
its beyond-the-everyday thrust of wisdom,
and its speechless softness.
This can’t be good, can’t be healthy.
One day I’ll wake to the sound of wind chimes
And see, for real, where I stand and what I need.

© 2019, Mariya Koleva

Have Faith, Day 24

Day 24 A Faith Poem
The hardest favour to ask,
“Have faith”
Blindly, against all hope.
“Have faith”
Waiting patiently despite all facts.

A favour I’m not prepared to do.

©2017, soulmary

Day 20 – A Task Poem

A Picture of a Depressed Person
The simplest task
Will get me tired.
The lightest load
Seems hard to bear.
And it’s the darkest night
That only brings me rest.

Tasks are overwhelming
For the depressed.

©2017, MK

Day 19 Memory

Memory of Wheat
Each summer
The ochre of wheat
Wakes me up.
Reminds me
Of the fields I used to see
When all earth was mine.

©2017, soulmary
Poetry Month

Day 18 – Life/Death

Of life, it’s easy to write.
Of death – even easier.

It’s the actions themselves
That are hard to perform
In a way that will make them
Worthy the spill of that ink.

©2017, soulmary


Day 17 – Dance, a haiku


Petals twirl round mad
Waltzing and foxtrotting in
Breath-taking cadence.

©2017, MK

Day 15 – One-Time Poem

Not just any spring,
A human life is one-time –
Love it as you can.

©2017, soulmary

Day 14 Work Conquers All

“Work conquers all”, they say,
And I walk tall,
Or I bend low
My eyes tearful
Of failure despite this
Wisdom they have carved
Within my memory,
Despite the grit I feel
For being so imperfect.

Work might conquer all.
Yet, who’s to specify what’s “all”
In every person’s life?

©2017, soulmary


Day 13 – A Family Haiku

The rose bud still sleeps.
The crocuses burn restless –
Seasons bind them all.

2017, MK

Poetry Month

Day 12 – Guilt, a Shadorma

My guilt is
In the way I smile –
I endure,
Just getting by, not caring,
Wading through nightmare.

©2017, soulmary