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New Year Resolutions, Edition 2018

Hi there,
my friends and loyal subscribers, my favourite people in the world, my readers! That time of the year has come again, and it’s even perhaps already late for New Year Resolutions. Noooo, it’s not! It’s not. Cut the long story short, here are mine:


    New Year Resolutions for 2018!

    1. Make the “Devastation of the Soul” poetry chapbook. I know exactly which poems will be at the core, so it shouldn’t be that difficult. I plan to be ready with this project by the end of February.
    2. Translate 13 horror stories from English to Bulgarian and make them into a book. Well, I can’t print the book obviously, or distribute it. What I intend is to have a full-length body of content just in case anyone would be interested to print. Why 13? Ah, I’m predictable. The perfect timing will be to translate one story per month and choose one month for a double score. Yet, I don’t believe in such evenness. Moreover, I’m making the chapbook during January and February, remember? So, let’s focus on getting the first six stories by the end of May, or early June, at the latest. No serious work during summer, dudes! My experience is adamant in this respect. Every single time I made plans for June-July-August, I failed. No need to get bitter on that. Just move the deadline 😉 This project should be accomplished around the end of November. It will coincide with the end of NaNoWriMo.
    3. And that brings me to my next resolution:

    4. November will be a month for poem-a-day writing, as will be April. I don’t plan to follow any particular prompts, but I’ll lay the foundations for two more chapbooks. I haven’t decided on the topics yet. This year, I will not revisit NaNoWriMo. Maybe next year 😉
    5. OK, moving on:

    6. I need help with this one. Some 5 years ago, I was thinking of writing very short poetic pieces to go with each of the Tarot Cards. Maybe just the Major Arcana, for the whole pack would become boring. If you want to see what those cards are, check this Wikipedia page. These past 6 months, however, a new idea dawned on me: write a short piece to go with the various cards used in the Dixit Board Game (To learn more about the game check their official page). I need your help, because I don’t believe it’s reasonable to think I can do both this coming year. So, which one? The deadline is my birthday, that is end of December. I plan to focus on this in the second part of the year. Let’s hope the general mood will be favourable.
    7. Now, to the less creative resolutions:

    8. I will do yoga once a week.
    9. I will continue my diet journal and scheme.
    10. I will see 5 new theatrical pieces and 3 new operas.
    11. I will blog once a week, at least.

    I think this is enough. Maybe it’s a good idea to add something about cooking skills or baking intentions, but you know the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so I won’t be tempted.

    Perhaps I should pin this post somewhere to get reminded of it and check my progress regularly. It’s so good to be back in this blog *hug*.

    Before you go, I’d like to remind you that I need your help with the 4th item in my list. Which one should it be: Tarot or Dixit?

Slowly Coming Back

Hello friends and Merry Christmas!

I have been away from this blog for such a long time, that I felt shy coming back. I thought I didn’t own the place anymore. I was worried I won’t be able to clean all the weeds from this garden. But, the place is still mine, albeit somewhat untidy and dispopulated, so I made a few changes, picked up a new theme, and started writing poetry again.

Part of my reason for staying away lies in the theme I’d chosen – magazine look. I wanted to be attractive, and that always means more visual, more pictures. No one wants to read walls of text. Everyone goes for the picture. Well, that made it too hard for me. I had to find an appropriate pic, credit it, format it to fit the post, the page, etc. I’m not a picture person. I’m a word person. That’s it.

So, I came back to text and simplicity. Even when I put pics, no one reads my texts. People stare at the pic, that’s all.

Then, there was the hardware problem. My faithful and beautiful laptop obviously became too unfit for the technical demands of all the running apps. I had to wait for 5 or more minutes for a single page to load. And, all of you know how demoralising that is when you have just half an hour to spend for finding your prompt, writing your poem, posting it on your blog and sharing the link to the prompt site. Huh? What a bunchful of 5 minutes that would be!

So, finally, I can boast a newer machine, where pages load faster 😉

Now we will see what I will write and how often, right?

Merry Christmas, dear friends, and may the season bring you joy and fulfilment!

Yours truly, 

Floods in urban landscape


Some more summertime poetry I wrote on notes and retrieved much later. There were many floods last summer, lives were lost and people remained homeless and poorer than before.

Floods in urban landscape

Image by Amartia

The Floods Around These Parts
Plumbing towards correction
Crawling before the heart
of silence and dead impunity
Plumbing without awareness
Beyond the forest license
and thumping hearts.

©2014, MK

Flickering Lights

Almost at the end of the month, I am considering how time-consuming poeming, blog posting, and finally, sharing all that is. In the same time, I could write a whole story, be it short or long. Now I remember that I started a novella on February 8th and never reached beyond the 3,000-word introduction. I planned to get to the real thing one day soon, but soon passed and it is March now. I can’t see the time to write that, yet. Maybe that is my trouble and the main reason I stay with poetry chiefly: lack of time to write consistently. Poetry is much more fragmentary, you don’t need to remember where you left… There is much less responsibility involved in it. Let’s celebrate the last but one prompt of the 28 to Create project that brought me much joy this year.

28 to Create, Day 27 – Flickering Lights

Image: Winged Vampire Wolf at DeviantArt

Image: Winged Vampire Wolf at DeviantArt

Flickering lights from the swamps
where prisoners try to escape
their destinies.

Marshes are ripe with
firebugs hurrying
to and fro.

Instant pictures of
self-inflicted soul insomnias;
instant tea
filling mud mugs
with sugary heartbeats and
strained tomorrows

Flickering lights behind
our dead

©2014, soulmary

Featured image by: SuicideBySafetyPin at DA

NaNo winner 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 – How Well I Did?

NaNo winner 2013This year, for the third time, though not exactly in a row, I took part in NaNoWriMo. After I did it first in 2010, I have never stopped seeing myself as a fiction writer, although somewhat insecure at first.
Here is a summary of my achievements this time and an overview of how those stand next to past years’ achievements:

  • This year I managed to cover the 50k distance and did it even faster than before. I validated on the very last day, but the total pure writing time I took this November was maybe just two thirds of the two previous forays.
  • This year I finished my story. I did the same the second time, too. This year I finished the story on the very day when NaNoWriMo finished, and I actually validated a complete text. As a comparison, in 2011 I finished my story around Dec. 8th. As another comparison, the story I started in 2010 is not finished yet. I continued writing it for most of January, then had another go in July. It is still a mess.
  • This year, I edited my story. That is, I made a first edit. There must be lots of things to do more. But I will need an editor and a professional to tell me that. As far as I go, the story makes me happy. As a comparison, my 2011 novel never made it to an editing round. I read it 6 months after writing it, and bitterly regretted not doing even a rough editing.
  • This year, I took advantage of sponsors’ deals and bonus offers. I purchased Scrivener for half-price.
  • Since my story was complete, written and edited to some decency, I submitted it to the Writing Accelerator run by where I will get a free review. It may also happen to be one of ten novels to get really rewarded. We’ll see the results later
  •  I uploaded my novel on the Wattpad website where people may read it, comment on it, and vote. Not only popularizing it, the website will be drawing one lucky winner who will grab $2,000. Hoping that might be me. I tried to get a free book on Amazon, using their promo code, but it didn’t work the right way.
  • I sent my first chapter to the JukePop Serials, where novels are posted in series, so as to raise suspense in the readers. A couple of days later, I heard back from an editor there, that my text was accepted. I am again taking part in a competition, where the prize will be $500, to be distributed among the three serials that have collected the most +Votes by the end of the contest period.
  • I would really like to edit my 2010 novel and submit it to a YA Romance contest. We’ll see about that.

NaNo Winner 2013 Continue reading →


Sombre Chapbook FREE on Smashwords

My poetic work, entitled Sombre Chapbook is FREE on Smashwords, as part of the sitewide promotion that is held in July. Last year I had good sale volumes with Lily In The Moonlight, and hope to see some again. Last time only Lily participated, and this year I decided to include the poetry book, too.

sombre-chapbookHere is the direct link to the book. Use the coupon code SW100 at check out and get it for FREE.

Then, all you have to do is enjoy and later on tell me what you think. I welcome reviews as comments here, to my email, shared on your blog, and, of course, on Smashwords site of the book.

While you are on the site, check my Young Adult novel, Lily In The Moonlight. You may get it for FREE, as well, and enjoy the summer read.

Riding the Wave

Not-Bobbers’ Anniversary

Since high school I’ve wanted to write. It took me a long time to actually do it. I passed through several complex stages of touching writing, without doing it.


I majored English at university, and started a PhD right after that, hoping that theoretical literature will be a good enough contribution to literature in general. Teaching literature was another such good contribution. Somewhere on the way, it turned out theoretical stuff didn’t bring any joy at all. At a certain point, I felt more and more inept, without really being so. I couldn’t handle Homi K. Bhabha and Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, nor the writings of Tsvetan Todorov or Julia Kristeva (check them out, you’d be amazed). To make the long story short, I found out I was not able to meet my mentor’s academic expectations. Besides, a novel or even a short poem have much more value to it than any theoretical piece on literature. If a single soul reads it and remembers it for life, or has their life changed by it, that would be much more helpful. I tried my hand in a couple of short stories, but didn’t like them at all. All that time I used to write poetry. It’s much easier than prose, as most poets would agree. Yet, I’ve never considered poetry to be real writing.

In a new attempt to get involved in literature turned to translation of fiction. That went on for several years, and then I signed up for a Twitter account, because I wanted to help my deteriorating official translation business. Twitter didn’t help my business, but brought me to the Poetic Asides community with the regular Wednesday prompt and the Tuesday poetry chats (remember those #poettues?). The blog format of Poetic Asides where all participants commented in a single thread was very suitable for a novice like me, as I would read through the whole conversation and just a couple of months later it was November, so I took part in the two major projects of my new life. I did November PAD and NaNoWriMo very successfully. Then, I discovered I could write. Apparently, I needed a longer form to find that out. Sadly, long forms need much time, which I never have. I became more or less a regular at Poetic Asides, even if only for checking on the conversation and a poem or two.

Last April, when Robert announced his planned Platform-Building Challenge, I was ready for that. In fact, it came as a miracle, just when I had realized how much I needed that. So many times during the two past years I had heard/read about Platform and how important it is, that I was starting to feel my failures are partially due to the lack of one. I did my best to follow the challenge and some of the steps were easy, some were more demanding. Overall happy with the outcome, I got involved in the #MNINB April-platform community and just rode the wave as it came. Since then, I have been included in the Wordsmith Studio project, have had my Bio and pic there, wrote some guest posts for the blog and I have been participating in discussions and challenges. I must admit that sometimes I’m too slow, but still, I am there. Over this past year I have been working towards a new Master’s degree, and that consumed most of my spare time, as I also work and have a very young child. Those “side activities” have been getting in the way of writing and following as much as I have wanted. Some members of the WSS (as we call it now) have been more active and have taken initiative to make a website and set it up so we, as a community, may use it. Members there have been very encouraging and supportive in everything and finally, I am among like-minded people who don’t actually care that I can’t cook well or am easily intimidated by perky shop assistants. Smiles… They have set up a group on Goodreads, hold regular chats on Twitter, too. The only places I can participate, though, are the FB/G+ and the WSS site itself. And that is more than enough, honestly speaking.

Since last April I have been bold enough to submit some poetry and got a couple of acceptances. I wrote a short story for the Snake Oil Cure magazine and they published it and then I had a short story of mine published without even submitting it. Linda Hatton was so kind to like it and send me a message about that.
The wonderful thing about the WSS community is that we are multi-functional. We have people for everything. There are photographers, designers, people who know about “site hits” and traffic, among other things. What we all have in common is that we all WRITE.

After I completed the challenge I found out that I don’t fail for lack of a platform. I fail for lack of persistence, SEO-team, advertisement, marketing strategy and so on. Of course, talent is also need for success. I found out I had a pretty much precise idea what a platform is, I simply don’t have the resource to build it properly. Since I’ve been going on my own snail speed, I am happy to part of that something larger that supports me and moves me to progress. Team-work really matters and that is the most valuable achievement of last year’s challenge. I don’t know if anyone expected that, and I guess Robert is glad to see our progress as a stand-alone group. I hope that is to continue and shape into something beautiful and beneficial to all.
Happy anniversary, Not-Bobbers!

This is another of a series of anniversary posts this month, and here is a list of links to each one of the previous ones, all of them personal, curious, special and worth reading. Numbers before the names designate the date in April the authors chose. Names are clickable links. Will open in new tab 🙂

1) Kiril Kundurazieff
3) Veronica Roth
4) J.lynn Sheridan
5) Elizabeth (Beth) Saunders
6) Sopphey Vance
7) Melanie Marttila
8) Heather Button
10) Gerry Wilson
12) Emily E. McGee
13) Anne Kimball
14) Khara House
15) Barbara Morrison
18) Mona AlvaradoFrazier
19) Jeannine Everett
20) Linda G Hatton
24) Claudine Jaboro
25) Carol Early Cooney
Out of the list: Kasie Whitener

The Theme behind November PAD


Image credit: Rebecca Barray

For today’s post I decided to tackle the November Poem-A-Day Chapbook challenge and focus on its prompts. Some time into the challenge in 2010, Robert asked whether or not we have found any particular theme behind it. Then I managed to identify a theme for myself and formed my chapbook around it. Of course, I didn’t follow that theme throughout all my poems. Not only does it need a lot of pre-planning, which I am completely incapable of, but that also means very severe sticking to the theme, another incapability of mine.

In 2010, the theme I saw unfolding behind Robert’s prompts was the cycle of a love affair – starting with opening the new page, all the way to lessons learned.

In 2011 I participated in the challenge again. I do that alongside NaNoWriMo as a way of pumping my creative enthusiasm. My busy daily routine then, however, didn’t allow me the time to sit down and consider whether or not there was a theme behind the prompts. Moreover, I skipped several and that only added up to my frustration.

However, here I am, participating in NovPAD again. A fellow-poet, Maxie Steer, put that theme question across, so I started thinking. This time Robert doesn’t offer the prompts himself, so we can’t suppose he has a hidden theme for the chapbook. This time he picks prompts from participants’ suggestions. The challenge started with my own Matches prompt (which was a great honour). Here is the list, so far:

  • Matches
  • Full Moon
  • Scary
  • Just Beneath…
  • Texting
  • Right /Left
  • Circle
  • Talk Back to a Dead Poet
  • When He’s Gone
  • Foreign Word/Phrase
  • Veteran Poem
  • Non-existing Device (that should exist)
  • Letter/Recipe
  • Stuck
  • Tradeoff
  • Last line becomes First: Thrilled
  • Wheel
  • Glossa-form
  • Gathering/Letting go
  • Song Title: On a Lonely Island
  • Paradise
  • Deep

I started by a love poem, then I wrote a life-asserting poem, some vague scary stuff, a self-irony poem, a love lost poem in the unsuccessful form of a text message, a pun poem and then the Circle prompt came by and I wrote a poem of my Daddy. After that, and after talking to Maxie, I started thinking that perhaps this chapbook may focus on my daddy and my relation with him. I have many poems written about him, but several more won’t hurt. After that the When He’s Gone prompt hit it again. In between, however, I still wrote either love or nature-inspired poems. What can I say? Sometimes I just want to write that, depending on the prompt!

I must state it honestly that I am a bit behind on the prompts and I have been thinking about what to write, or, more precisely, how to write it. I have just vague ideas and feel I am too slow. Luckily, this post is not about NaNoWriMo, because I have had a complete crash over there 🙂


What is your incline with the PAD prompts this year?