NaPoWriMo, Day 12

Some-Senses Poem

The surgery is dimly-lit
Its cool twilight scares me to stiffness
Green paint peeling right around the windows
Right from the ceiling
Or so it seems to me,
          projection of me
          peeling an ugly nightdress off my body
          peeling my feet bare of so-so slippers
          my last protection in the dim coldness of the room. 

The surgery is dimly-lit
Its windows miserably covered
By half-blind blinds – broken, twisted, unreliable
Can I actually see the block of flat across the street?
Is there someone, eyes squinting, binoculars in hand
To watch the dimly-muted show?
Or so I think
            because of my
            stiff nakedness
            the lack of human eyes inside the room
            the cold ring on the silver tray. 

The surgery is dimly-lit 

Its coldness makes me stiff


© 2012 Mariya Koleva


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